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The first version of Adrian Godoroja was released on September 1984. :)

He is an Informatics (Computer Science) graduate, currently working as a Senior Software Engineer and the Lead of BoxCryptor for Mac. The last known location of Adrian is... "somewhere" in Bavaria, Germany.

He finally started working on Adium sometime in the beginning of 2011, although he wanted to join much earlier. He fixed a couple of bugs here, a couple of bugs there, implemented a few new features and as everybody here he tries to have fun. :) Although he is not limited to some specific areas of Adium, he enjoys working on the user interface and hopes that someday a version of Adium with a "new" UI will be released.

Being a big fan of Apple and BMW, he is passionate about design and driving (fast driving) :). He also enjoys traveling and hopes to move to Deutschland soon (Fixed, ticket closed).

Contact Information

E-mail robotive [at] icloud [dot] com
IRC robotive in #adium & #adium-devl on freenode
GTalk robotive [at] gmail [dot] com
MobileMe / AIM robotive [at] icloud [dot] com
MSN robotive [at] live [dot] com
Yahoo robotive [at] rocketmail [dot] com

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