Matthew's an agonistic codger who started IMing with ytalk in 1991 but switched to Adium in 2004. His involvement increased when .53's adoption of WebKit message views enabled custom chat message styles. His first style, aNon, was one of the first 20 message styles uploaded to AdiumXtras, and was eventually followed by Tül, yMous, and a rewrite of Pushpin. Matthew spent countless hours from 2009 to 2010 writing Smooth Operator 2 (standing on the shoulders of Brad Smith and Andy Allcorn), rewriting Stockholm (in collaboration with Matthew Bice) and minimal_mod (John Muhl), and updating the rest of the styles that are bundled with Adium 1.4. Most of his "free" time is spent on message style docs and creating/updating message styles, or occasionally contributing small bits of Adium code, but between his full time job (for another open source project), his wife, and three kids, free time is mostly illusory. He's also wasted copious time using Quartz Composer to create audio-reactive screensavers and iTunes visualizers that attempt to actually help you understand what you're hearing.

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IRCmathuaerknedam in #adium on freenode
Emailadiumwiki at ei8ht dot us

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