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Eric, or edr1084, is a 2007 graduate of the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. He works as a Senior Software Engineer at Autodesk, Inc.  He formerly served as Project Manager for the Voice/Video Team, Lead Ticket Tech, and he headed the Ticket Task Force before being promoted to Project Manager with the retirement of The_Tick.

He first signed on to help out with the Adium Project during a slow summer in college.  His current contributions to the project include: assisting with administrative tasks, fielding questions on IRC, The Great Ticket Massacre of '06, writing the occasional patch, maintaining the HelpViewer documentation, and contributing to V/V development while still finding time to learn Cocoa, and otherwise working on whatever he can.


  • Email: eric AT adium DOT im
  • AIM: EDR1084
  • GTalk: edr1084 AT gmail DOT com
  • Jabber: edr1084 AT jabber DOT org
  • IRC: edr1084
  • Twitter: edr1084

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