David Clark


David Clark is a professional student, currently completing a master's in a dark and mystical corner of mathematics. He hails from upper Michigan and Canada.

David worked on Adium from summer 2003 through spring 2005, and has retired (twice!) from the project. Past contributions include: Message History, the Group Chat interface (yeah, so sue me), finishing the standard message view, many cleverly hidden keystrokes in the message windows (push/pop in particular), and the very first Away Status window that Adium X ever had. Most of this has been severely polished by others. He is also famed far and wide for his incompetent yet strangely compelling troubleshooting.

David has often been known by his IRC nick, dchoby98. He has switched to dcclark, however.

Contact Information

AIM: wlc98clark
Jabber: dchoby98@…
MSN: dchoby98@…

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