Peter Hosey joined the Adium project as a contributor on 2003-11-28, and as a developer on 2004-02-24. In case you were curious about age, he was born in 1984-08.

Peter's primary contributions have been:

  • Many optimizations in AIUtilities (starting with his first ever patch, done with cbarrett and overmind: a Quartz-powered version of AIGradient).
  • Two reworks of the Bookmarks Importer, currently implemented as the AIBookmarksImport framework (AIBookmarksImport has since been deleted).
  • Reworks of various other classes, such as AIHTMLDecoder and AIKeychain.
  • AIHostReachabilityMonitor, used to watch whether an IM server can be reached (since improved by evands).
  • Strict-XHTML+CSS generator in AIHTMLDecoder, in addition to existing loose-HTML generator.
  • Fielding bug reports on IRC.

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