Alan Humpherys


Although once described as an "old retired engineer somewhere in Utah", the rumors of Alan's exceeding age are greatly exaggerated. While it is true that he does live in Utah, and has children as old as some of the other developers, his mind is usually still fresh enough to remember where he put his false teeth the night before.

Alan graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Brigham Young University and spent a few years doing computer chip design before seeing the light and moving to Software Development. By day he is Director of Technology at a small company, and by night he works on Open Source projects so his mind doesn't explode from the constant exposure to the drudgery of Management.

He joined the Adium team after spending many years working on Fire, the "grandfather" of multi-protocol IM programs on Mac OS X (Thus the flames behind the avatar). He is somehow under the impression that he might be able to make a positive impact in the Adium world.


You can contact him at the following IDs he uses when developing. Just be warned that his mamma always told him not to talk to strangers, so he may be shy and not reply...

  • AIM: alanfiretest
  • Google Talk: alanfiretest (A_T)
  • ICQ: 326064454
  • Jabber: alanfiretest (A_T)
  • MSN: alanfiretest (A_T)
  • Yahoo: alanfiretest
  • Freenode IRC: alangh
  • Twitter: alangh


Programming, Gaming (World of Warcraft), Volleyball (not necessarily in that order)

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