Zephyr configuration notes from an anonymous user: If you do not have kerberos v4 support turned on, Adium will repeatedly ask for your kerberos login, over and over. Adium should check if it only got a kerberos 5 ticket, and if so it needs to say so.

If you do not start up 'zhm' before starting adium, you will give a "gaim: Couldn't set location error". It would be nice if there was a zhm configuration preference where you could enter your zephyr host, and adium could start zhm for you.

The most consistent method I found is to open a terminal and kinit to your realm, then run zhm <your zephyr host>, then start Adium. If you play with your tickets or zhm while Adium is running, you will get the "gaim: Couldn't set location error" messages, or other odd behavior.

You might also want to make a note that an easy way to install zhm is to install MacZephyr? and run it once.

Once it works, it works great though! :)

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