Voice & Video Chat

Adium does not currently have any audio or video (webcam) chat functionality. We know that many users want to be able to audio/video chat.

Adium depends on libpurple for its protocol-level functionality, which means that information sent or received over (most) protocols must go through libpurple. Therefore Adium's audio/video capabilities rely upon it. In August 2008, Pidgin 2.6.0 was released with Audio and Video communication support over XMPP (Jabber, GoogleTalk).

Please don't file tickets requesting or voicing further support for implementation. Every minute a developer spends handling a duplicate ticket is one less minute working on Adium itself. The original ticket requesting this is #6; for plenty of people already having voiced support, and some developer responses, see that ticket.

State of development

While Adium severely lacks manpower and this makes a difficult problem that much harder (see our blog post on this topic), we would love to see audio and video chat in Adium. We have made some steps towards initial audio chat support: If you are interested in contributing towards those efforts, please view AudioVideo.

What about Skype?

We will not be supporting Skype. As we wrote in a post on the Adium Blog:

Skype is also a closed protocol. If it were an easy thing to break, other apps would have supported it long ago. This doesn't even take into account that there are also some VERY serious legal issues in regards to this. There has been a lot of discussion about this in the open source community and the lawyers involved have all recommended staying far far away from it.

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