TracBot is our helpful little friend in #adium who provides us with notification of trac changes, and generates links to tickets, wiki pages and even searches.


TracBot currently is stable, with several plugins running. He lives on Tedger's server and has recently been toilet trained. Currently TracBot monitors the RSS feed from Trac and provides wonderful notifications. TracBot also now has some commands! Synapse, his maintainer has written several plugins for him, one of which has been released on


You need to either prefix commands for TracBot with a ! or it's nick (TownCrier).

TracBot Commands

  • ticket: (Syntax: ticket <ticketno> ) This will give you the link to the specified ticket.
  • wiki: (Syntax: wiki <page> ) This will give you the link to the specified page.
  • changeset: (Syntax: changeset <changeset> ) This will give you the link to the specified changeset.
  • google: (Syntax: google <searchstring> ) This will google for you!
  • show: (Syntax: show <nick> <subject> ) This will show <nick> the link to the wiki page. The current options are "bugs", "troubleshooting" and "requests".
  • tracsearch: (Syntax: tracsearch [wiki|tickets|commits] <searchstring> ) This gives you the link to a search of this site for <searchstring>. If one of [wiki|tickets|commits] is specified, the search will be restricted to that particular search-type.

Fun Commands

  • dance: (No arguments)
  • zomg
  • lart
  • praise


TracBot is constantly being modified, and if you want to help me to improve it, contact me!

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