Listed as a contributor, Synapse is more of a self professed random who managed to work his way into the Adium credits. He has been involved in more failed projects than successful ones, including the first effort at Adium Documentation and an Adium Podcast. He lives in Australia. Yes, there are wallabies in the streets, though no kangaroos. No, I don't wrestle crocodiles. Yes, Fosters is a poor excuse for a beer. Sure, I have a cute accent ;)

By night, Synapse currently maintains TownCrier in #adium and is generally around, helping and hindering as he sees fit. He is also a web developer and first and second level support technician, and sometimes a photographer depending on where the work is. As of October 2007, Andrew has become more low profile after making a decision to spend time doing what many would call "missionary" work. While he is fairly easy to contact by email and IM, he is left with very little time to dedicate to Adium.

He is to be considered unarmed, but still dangerous. Approach with extreme caution, taking extreme care to use correct grammar and to steer clear of semantic ambiguity when he is around, failure to do so may result in painful keyboard/head interaction and in some extreme cases, brutal ninja attacks.


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