The status item, aka the "Evil Menu Duck" (EMD)

The status item, nicknamed "Evil Menu Duck" (EMD), is a Duck-silhouette icon that appears in your menu bar while Adium is running. It indicates your current status and lets you switch statuses and activate Adium from any application. ComponentNicknames

Contrary to its nickname, the status item is actually quite benevolent. It is named for its pre-1.1 appearance; it looks kinder and gentler in more recent versions.

Customizing the status item's appearance

In Adium 1.1 and later, you can change the icon from the Appearance preferences. You can add new icon sets by installing MenuBarIcons packs.

Previous versions of Adium do not support customization. There are a number of Miscellaneous Xtras on the AdiumXtras site with which you could replace the icons in older versions of Adium, but these were never officially supported and would be reverted to the stock icons when you updated your Adium (because they worked by replacing files inside Adium).

How do I make it stick around when Adium is not running?

You don't.

The status item is part of Adium, so it can't work without Adium running. iChat, which does offer this feature, is split into two separate pieces; Adium is all one piece.

We will implement this in a future version (as currently planned in ticket #173), but we don't yet know when.

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