IBM Lotus Sametime

1. Description

Type: Proprietary

IBM Lotus Sametime is a messaging protocol used primarily in corporate environments.

Adium's Sametime support is provided via the Meanwhile library and Pidgin plugin, an open re-implementation of the protocol developed by Christopher (siege) O'Brien. Sametime-specific issues and requests are best directed to the appropriate Meanwhile project trackers. Questions regarding the Meanwhile library and Pidgin plugin may be answered on the Meanwhile FAQ page.

Technical note: The Meanwhile library's client ID is 0x1700. If you can connect with the official Lotus client but receive a "Not Authorized" error when connecting with Adium, you may need to ask your IT department to enable access for the Meanwhile client ID. Alternately, in Adium 1.0 or later, select "Hide client identity" in the Options of tab of your Sametime account's preferences within Adium.

2. History

3. Censorship (?)

4. Known Issues

Notable missing features (in comparison to original or other clients)

There are issues with newer versions of Sametime.

Defects, broken features

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