Robert Vehse


An Adium user and follower since 2005, Robert mainly does support, documentation and other stuff where coding isn't required—ever since #9258. His other interests include listening to music, playing the drums and the piano and sports, especially football—the real, non-American one.

Contact Information
IRCrob-to86 on freenode

Adium people I've met in real life

  • Thijs Alkemade
  • Adrian Godoroja
  • Christopher Loessl
  • Patrick Steinhardt

Ongoing projects

Project ideas

  • Menus
    • #16509: "Move contact list display settings to Preferences"
      • #15199: "Better difference between "View" and "Display" menu names"
      • #15203: "Rethink Adium's menus"
    • #16416: "Update "Edit" menu"
  • Preferences
    • "Accounts" preferences redesign: merge "Personal" pane into "Account", reorder some other settings: #16442, #16446
    • "Events" preferences

Issue bookmarks

  • #16439: "Adium Setup Assistant can't produce a usable IRC account"
  • #194: "Join Group Chat dialog clears all entries when account dropdown changed"
  • #15030: "New jabber contact is not authorized automatically"
  • #14345: "'Authorize and Add' always adds contact to "'Buddies'"
  • #11066: "File transfers randomly choose sending account"
  • #9509: "Outgoing/buddy_icon.png still required?"
  • #12210: "Add support for libpurple emblems (XMPP mood, ICQ X-Status)"
  • #15622: "error parsing this transcript" [corrupt transcripts]

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