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Requesting Features

The first step towards making a requesting is to search the documentation and existing tickets. TracSearchBox(wiki, ticket)?

There's a chance that Adium already supports what you're looking for, so make sure you've explored the documentation along with Adium's preferences and menus. If you find through searching that somebody has already requested what you're looking for, feel free to add new information or ideas to their existing ticket.

If you cannot find an existing ticket (it may take several searches) for your request you should create a new one.

Creating a new request ticket

Creating request tickets is relatively straightforward. However, it's a good idea to consider a few things before making a request

  • How exactly will what you're requesting work?
  • Will your request, if fulfilled, have any detrimental effects on Adium?
  • Are you requesting something needed by a large number of Adium users?

Unfortunately we don't have time to fulfill every request, so please don't take it personally if your request is declined or goes unanswered. We try to prioritize requests such that those which influence a large number of users take top priority. The amount of time and work required to implement a request is also factored into its priority.

Once you have your request fleshed out, Create a ticket for it.