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Requesting Features

Now that you have made sure your feature request hasn't been put forward already, after reading WikiStart, it's time to file the ticket! :)

Composing a new request ticket

Creating request tickets is relatively straightforward. However, it's a good idea to consider a few things before making a request

  • How exactly will what you're requesting work?
  • Will your request, if fulfilled, have any detrimental effects on Adium?
  • Are you requesting something needed by a large number of Adium users?

Unfortunately, we don't have time to fulfill every request, so please don't take it personally if your request is declined or goes unanswered. We try to prioritize requests such that those which influence a large number of users take top priority. The amount of time and work required to implement a request is also factored into its priority.

Creating the ticket

In order to create and modify tickets you need an Adium Trac account (Trac is the bug tracking system we are using here). Creating an account is a one-step process, and no personal information is required. If you choose to list your email address, it will never be added to any list or sold to any party for any reason whatsoever, and you will automatically receive emails when changes are made to tickets which you create or modify. It will not be publicly viewable, so we recommend including it when registering. Click register to create your account. Then, click New Ticket at the top of the page.

If you already have an account, login, then click New Ticket at the top of the page.

Please leave the milestone, severity or priority settings to the developers!