Adium Previous Version History

Version 1.3.10 (01/12/2010)

Mercurial Revision: b84454d2b44f

  • Disabled the Facebook CAPTCHA, updated the Facebook plugin.
  • Updated libjson-glib, fixing some 64-bit issues.

Version 1.3.9 (01/11/2010)

Mercurial Revision: dc7b2aa2a2de

  • Updated libpurple to fix a security issue with custom emoticons.
  • Corrected user icons not updating correctly on Snow Leopard.

Version 1.3.8 (11/04/2009)

Mercurial Revision: 2e287469fe16

  • Updated pidgin-facebook chat, fixing login.
  • Corrected the Events preferences not displaying the correct list on Snow Leopard.

Version 1.3.7 (10/16/2009)

Mercurial Revision: a76981b42330

  • Updated libpurple
    • Fix a crash when some clients send contacts in a format we don't understand on ICQ.
    • Fix blocking and other privacy lists on AIM/ICQ.
    • Fixed CAPTCHA not working properly on Facebook.
  • Fixed iChat emoticons on Snow Leopard.

Version 1.3.6 (8/20/2009)

Mercurial Revision: feaca9408bef

  • Updated to libpurple 2.5.9
    • Fix a crash via a specially crafted MSN message (CVE-2009-2694).
    • Fix a crash in Bonjour, MSN, and XMPP when trying to transfer files with NULL names.
    • Numerous fixes from libpurple 2.5.8
  • Updated to pidgin-facebookchat 1.6.0 from 1.5.1
    • Fixed issues with dropped & missed messages
    • Fixed retrieval of profile information
    • Fixed retrieval of buddy icons
    • Fixed messaging with Facebook users whose user IDs are very large
    • Numerous other fixes; see pidgin-facebookchat changelog for details
    • Note: Facebook contact group support is currently disabled
  • Added option to control Facebook mail checking
  • Merged down the space dust

Version 1.3.5 (6/22/2009)

Mercurial Revision: 708bedafdc3a

  • Updated to libpurple 2.5.7
    • Fixes for problems connecting to Yahoo.
    • Only display the AIM “Unable to Retrieve Buddy List” message once per connection.
    • Blocking MSN users not on your buddy list no longer disconnects you.
    • MSN fixes for adding/removing and getting disconnected.
  • Updated to pidgin-facebook 1.5.1, fixing several issues

Version 1.3.4 (5/17/2009)

Mercurial Revision: 8d7ab9d0f614

  • Facebook fixes
    • Updated to pidgin-facebook 1.5.0, fixing a major bug in which massive amounts of data could be continuously sent and received under certain situations as well as several minor bugs
    • Fixed a bug in which the Facebook numeric ID rather than name could be shown in the contact list (#11676)
    • Improved proxy support.
  • Fixed a crash when loading Jabber/XMPP account preferences when the computer's host name is not set (#11246)
  • Fixed a display issue in message windows when running Safari 4.
  • Updated to libpurple 2.5.6

Version 1.3.3 (2/19/2009)

SVN Revision: [25960]

  • Major changes
    • Fixed a crash when using XMPP gateways and removing contacts
    • Switched to the pidgin-facebook plugin for Facebook connectivity, which should resolve several issues with Facebook and improve the interaction between Adium and Safari when both are logged into Facebook.
    • Automatically send messages to offline contact when offline messaging is supported rather than prompting to send now / send later (#11127)
    • Fixed updating the list of users in a groupchat in many situations (#183, #10727)
    • Tweaked the behavior of standard contact list type-to-search (#11496)
    • Fixed ICQ aliases storage on the server (#9890)
    • Fixed problem of events being recorded with wrong contact (#10436)
    • Fixed visual glitch that made creating a SameTime account impossible in some localizations (#11675)
    • Tab completion of names in groupchats is now case-insensitive
    • Updated from libpurple 2.5.2 to 2.5.5mtn
      • Fixed several MSN problems introduced by WLM 9: icons not showing up (#11529, #11532), file transfers failing (#11396)
      • Fixed publishing of ICQ (available and away) status messages (#3085)
      • Fixed publishing of ICQ icons (#10597)
      • Fixed a crash when a Yahoo user messages an MSN contact (#11256)
      • Fixed a QQ hang/crash (#11290)
      • Fixed a Sametime crash on login (#11381)
      • Fixed display of Gadu-Gadu user icons (#4702)
      • Fixed "Unable to add user - Unknown error (205)" when connecting to MSN (#11126)
      • Fixed duplicated buddies on authorization (#7171)
      • SASL PLAIN or IQ Auth passwords are no more in debug logs
      • includes many, many more fixes, especially to MySpace and MSN
  • Chat Transcript fixes
    • Fixed a crash involving the log viewer (#11309)
    • Fixed a bug that caused Adium to leave log files open
    • Reimported all logs into Spotlight, since 10.5.6 fixed importing them (#8320)
  • Chat window fixes
    • Fixed scrolling to the bottom of the chat when it loads for certain message styles (#10541)
    • Fixed several message styles (#10921)
    • Fixed alignment of the message display after clicking an emoticon (#11602)
    • Fixed some internal bugs related to historical and notification messages (#10152, #10174)
    • Fixed Renkoo's image-click handling and added proper image-click handling to Renkoo Naked (#11561)
  • Other minor bug fixes
    • Fixed setting XMPP status messages, AIM available, and Gadu-Gadu status messages which contain characters normally escaped in HTML (#11215)
    • Properly hide iTunes Now playing information when appropriate (#11585)
    • Fixed referencing chat windows from AppleScript (#11352)
    • Fixed a code signing error when launching Adium after not changing list layouts since pre-1.0
    • Fix unpaired external enclosure characters around strings to be linkified. (#11175)
  • Localization changes
    • Added a Greek localization thanks to "evripidis" (#11350)
    • Updated the German localization
    • Updated the French localization (#11646)
    • Updated the Russian localization (#11590, #11220)
    • Updated the Slovenian localization

Version 1.3.2 (10/9/2008)

SVN Revision: [25330]

  • Updated to MSNp15 via libpurple (from MSNp12 via msn-pecan)
    • Display pictures on MSN now work again
    • Full offline messaging support
    • iTunes status (Now Playing) support
  • The Custom Status window now shows your current status message when opened, making it easier to change your status without changing the status message
  • Fixed contact visibility issues in 1.3 and 1.3.1 (#10917)
  • Fixed frequent disconnections on the Yahoo! service (#11097)
  • Fixed a crash when parsing DNS-lookup responses from certain routers
  • Fixed 1-2 pixel overlap of contact list by its toolbar (#10074)
  • Fixed contacts showing in incorrect group after combining them (#11033)
  • Fixed problems when linkifying URLs that contained an unescaped % character (#11059)
  • Fixed escaping of the ' and ? characters for IPv6 Addresses (#11031)
  • Fixed MSN personal messages being set to the status (ie: away, busy) (#10814)
  • Fixed OTR messages to use the display name rather than UID (#10070)
  • Fixed 'Lips Are Sealed' emoticon in the Adiumy emoticon set (#10996)
  • Added new Add Group Chat Bookmark and File Transfer icons (#11030)
  • Fixed drop shadow in Stockholm and Gone Dark message styles (#9178, #9480)
  • Fixed visual artifacts in Smooth Operator message style (#10101)

Version 1.3.1 (9/7/2008)

SVN Revision: [25133]

  • Fixed import wizard failing during import of inline images (#10912)
  • Fixed a crash when Adium tries to update an account password (#10792)
  • Fixed show offline contacts not working when groups are disabled (#10420)
  • Fixed messages for multiple MSN group chats showing up in the same chat (#1583)
  • Fixed syslogd consuming resources due to invalid requests via Facebook (#10588)
  • Fixed German Localization of „Eingabetaste“ in General Preferences (#10801)
  • Fixed display issues Appearance Preferences (#10803)
  • Fixed a security vulnerability discovered by the Zero Day Initiative
  • Fixed a crash during DNS resolution when trying to connect to MSN (#10808)
  • Fixed local user's Avatar not updating in open message windows after change (#10210)
  • Fixed aliases changing to nicknames following sign-in (#10550)
  • Fixed Facebook timing out when attempting to connect (#10718)
  • Fixed spellcheck defaulting to systemwide default (#10752)
  • Fixed offline bg color being mis-applied to metacontacts with online accounts (#10784)
  • Fixed invisible dock icon continuously flapping its wings (#10786)
  • Fixed contact inspector opening on wrong tab (#10825)
  • Fixed a crash when using Sametime/Meanwhile (#10830)
  • Fixed a crash when searching logs via the Transcript Viewer (#10866)
  • Fixed "Connected: Offline" when MSN contact connects with no personal message (#10873)
  • Fixed checkboxes jumping around in the status window (#10790)
  • Existing logs are no longer world readable (#1834)
  • Edges between multiple displays no longer trigger showing hidden contact list (#10204)
  • Removed $$ emoticon (#10949)
  • Update Danish, German, and Hungarian localizations

Version 1.3 (8/25/2008)

SVN Revision: [24946]

Major Changes

  • Complete redesign of the Contact Inspector (formerly the Get Info Window) (#1148)
    • Complete interface overhaul (#1148, #9373)
    • Profiles for combined contacts now display in a unified fashion
    • Combined contacts' contents are now managed in the contact list; they automatically expand in the contact list when inspected
    • Increased buddy info retrieval speed
    • Fixed management of serverside group associations from the Contact Inspector (#1872)
  • Added Facebook Chat service to Adium (#9607)
    • Known limitation: logging into Facebook Chat via Adium will log you out of the Facebook website.
  • Added a search field to the Standard Contact List window (#6444)
    • This can be accessed either from the Edit menu (⌘F) or by blindly typing into contact list (the previously-existing type-ahead find feature).
  • Switched to MSN-Pecan, a new MSN library for libpurple. Notable changes with MSN-Pecan:
    • Support for personal messages
    • Improved error handling for networking issues
    • Improved http method support
  • Major performance improvements, most notable when signing on multiple accounts simultaneously and when chatting while other applications are making heavy use of your hard drive.
  • Tons of improvements and fixes, big and small - see below for all the details!

General Changes

  • Improved management of contact and account icons:
    • Fixed setting “Use no icon” in personal preferences not updating with no icon (#7778)
    • Fixed images in Image Picker showing up too large (#8911)
    • Fixed Address Book icons not overriding user's icon when set to do so (#8260)
    • Fixed Address Book image being copied/overwriten every time (which caused troubles with Sync Services) (#9122)
    • Significant memory usage and performance improvements related to icons
  • Fixed behavior which determines which contact in a combined contact to message (#9619)
  • Added “Save opened chats when quitting” option to the General preferences (#8360)
  • Added menu item for “Add Group Chat Bookmark” to the Contact menu (#8772)
  • Improved the dialog when sending a message to a contact who appears offline (#9568)
  • Choosing a status from a status menu which is already globally set will now present the state editor window
  • Added option in the Advanced Status Prefs to change “Number of unread messages” to “Number of unread conversations” (for the Dock icon and Status Menu Item) (#8599)
  • Fixed reconnect behavior in certain situations (#9355) (#9309)
  • Fixed combined contacts with Bonjour accounts staying online (#9862)
  • View menu now changes “Show” menu items to “Hide” and back again, instead of using check-marks (#4740)
  • Fixed checking of account in the Add Contact window with only one account (#9871)
  • Fixed empty space in the Window menu's list of open chats when using tabs (#9621)
  • Fixed issue that could cause sounds to stop working when Adium was upgraded if a default sound set was in use
  • Updated Zephyr Options preferences page (#9776)
  • Keychain items now contain the name of their account (#7773) (#8777)
  • The New Message prompt no longer requires specifying the source account for the new chat
  • Fixed an issue which could make newlines disappear when copying and pasting from Safari, Word, and other applications in certain situations (#10474)
  • Fixed duplication of newline characters in chat message history (#10496)
  • %n, %d, and %t are no longer substituted in the middle of a word (#10500)
  • Fixed many memory leaks (#10448, #10449, #10450, #10451, #10452, #10453, #10454, #10455, #10456, #10466, #10468, #10470)
  • Improved baseline memory usage of Adium
  • Updated default Xtra packages
    • Added Renkoo and Renkoo Naked message styles
    • Added Invisible and Busy Adiumy Dock icons (#3962)
    • Added blocked status icon to the iBubble set (#4383)
    • Added status icons for DND/Busy status (#8329)
    • Updated service icons for ICQ, Yahoo!, Gadu-Gadu, MySpace IM, Sametime, and QQ (#6338)
    • Updated MSN emoticons to include a more comprehensive default set (#3647)
  • Added "MobileMe" service (#10399)
  • Fixed storage of ordering within metacontact and groups in certain situations (#10028)
  • Removed some invalid sender colors in message windows (#10219)
  • Fixed moving a contact from one metacontact to another (#10188)
  • Worked around a Firefox 3 problem with retrieving the current webpage's information. The bug is 427448.
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting if a Send Message action were applied to the "Contact No Longer Seen" event (#10181)
  • Fixed issues with applescript and modifying statuses (#8809, #10118)
  • Fixed 'go online with message' applescript command (#10082)
  • Added a 'name' property for single-user chats (#8825)
  • Fixed the contextual menu items for Address Book integration within the message window
  • Added Italics support in the chat transcript viewer (#10086)
  • Fixed problems with manually assigned address book cards and combined contacts
  • Updated to libpurple 2.5.0

Contact List

  • Combined contacts can now be expanded and collapsed in the contact list (#5545)
    • Contacts within a combined contact can now be reordered within the contact list
    • Dragging a contact to another group will remove it from the combined contact
    • Dragging a contact into an existing combined contact will add it to that combined contact
  • Removed ability to drag groups to detach them, as many of you did that by accident
    • You must now right-click on them and choose “Detach from Window”
    • You can still drag and drop between detached groups
  • Idle time display improvements
    • Added an “idle right, status below” option for idle and status message display in list layouts
    • “Size to Fit Horizontally” no longer ignores idle time when set to display beside the name (#1631)
  • Group display improvements:
    • Changed Contact List to expand or collapse groups on the first mouse click
    • Changed group headers to show the number of contacts in the group on the right side when left-aligned, or the left side otherwise
    • Group bubbles now display at maximum width when using “Contact Bubbles (To Fit)” (#3366)
    • Groups now break up the alternation of contact row colors in the Contact List (#1127)
  • Changed minimum opacity for the Contact List to 0% from 5% (#5104)
  • Adium is now Psychic: Contacts which are typing a message to you without a chat open are displayed as “typing”
  • Added “Blocked Contacts” to the set of contact list filters (“Hide Certain Contacts”) (#8045)
  • Removed the empty white contact list when using the standard contact list window (#9445)
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop URLs onto the Contact List (#8901)
  • Added ability to drag-and-drop songs from iTunes onto the Contact List to send them as file transfers (#5114)
  • Fixed contact list becoming super-glued to screen edges after resolution change (#9322)
  • Pressing Enter with multiple selection in Contact List now opens a chat with all of the selected contacts, not just one (#9575)
  • You can now expand multiple selected groups with the right arrow key, and collapse them with the left (#7540)
  • Moving a contact from one group to another on one account will now move the same contact on all other accounts (#9209)
  • Fixed display issues that would arise if you deleted the font that you were using for the Contact List (#6587)
  • Fixed dragging the Contact List between vertically-stacked displays (#6637) (#7412)
  • Fixed scroll bar momentarily appearing when buddy list un-hides (#7292)
  • Contact List now glows in the dark
  • Fixed hidden Contact List becoming inaccessible upon connecting another display (#8051)
  • Groups with no contacts do not hide after detaching and re-attaching groups (#8829)
  • Added a delay before showing a contact list which is hiding on screen edges (#6225)
  • Fixed which information is displayed for combined contacts (#8730)
  • Fixed Contact List tooltips breaking on launch (#7937)
  • Fixed the clickable area of the Contact List being larger than it looked (#9738)
  • Drag & Drop
    • Fixed drag & drop to the bottom of groups (#10257)
    • Greatly improved drag & drop aesthetics
    • Fixed persistent drag highlights after finishing a drag & drop operation (#10195)
    • We now recollapse items automatically expanded in the contact list during a drag & drop operation (#10254)
    • Fixed issues with contact list ordering, including a 10.4 bug in which contacts could not be ordered immediately below combined contacts (#10255)

Chats and Messages

  • Multiple consecutive status messages in the message view will now only display the latest update for your account or your contact (#8904) (#8957)
  • Added ⌘⌥⇠/⌘⌥⇢ (Firefox-style) tab switching shortcuts. (#9611)
  • Clearing the message view
    • Added a “Clear Display” contextual menu item to the message view
    • Added a “/clear” command (like IRC clients have)
  • Group chats
    • Added ability for message styles to look different for group chats (#8435) (#87)
    • Fixed group chat userlists not updating after waking from sleep (#9858)
    • Fixed slowness in joining large group chats (#9358)
    • Groupwise: Fixed duplicate messages in Groupwise conferences (#9838)
    • Yahoo!: Added sending of text attributes (color, font) in Yahoo! Group Chat (#7919)
  • Fixed message windows losing saved position on Tiger (#9745)
  • The contact information tooltip now hides when you begin typing into a message window (#9803)
  • Added option to scale the message window background image (#7399)
  • Made the “Send File” dialog a sheet, rather than a separate window (#5159)
  • Added left/right swipe gestures to change tabs on multi-touch Macs (e.g., MacBook Air) (#9432)
  • Adium now automatically aligns text in inputline based on writing direction (#9079)
  • /me
    • Changed /me command to not alter the action text being sent (#8934)
    • Changed display of /me to be dependent on message view style
  • Prevent closing tabs that are inactive (#7603)
  • Fixed printing from the message view
  • Fixed incorrect display of status messages (#7401)
  • Fixed Font Panel for “Text Display” in Messages pane of Preferences not allowing changes (#7797)
  • When switching message styles, the “Text display” field is now updated to the default font of the new style (#7766)
  • Fixed consecutive message divider lines in Mockie message style (#8966)
  • Fixed repetition of user icons in the Mockie message style (#662)

Status menu item

  • Added controls for the status menu item to the Status section of the Advanced pane in Preferences
  • Added “Options” submenu with some menu items that we removed in 1.2 (#9169)
  • Moved Contacts submenu above Accounts submenu
  • Made right-clicking the status menu item show the Contact List menu, for starting new chats (#8436)
  • Fixed status menu item repositioning improperly when unread count was zero (#9502)

Events and Notifications

  • Added new event type: “Name Mentioned” for when your name is said in a group chat (#1606)
  • Added “Silence Growl” option for custom statuses (#7481)
  • Fixed Growl notifications to use icons from the Address Book when you've set Adium that way in the Preferences (#9892)
  • Fixed awkward nudge/buzz event text when sending (#9559)
  • Updated Growl to 1.1.4. Adium will prompt you to automatically upgrade as appropriate.


  • Fixed authentication on XMPP in cases where GSSAPI fails (#9492)
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't join a group chat after trying and failing once (#1874; #7388)
  • Fixed not updating the userlist for nickname changes in group chats (#479)
  • Fixed bug that would allow you to try to message contacts from accounts that don't have the contact on their contact lists (#5152)
  • Fixed offering to unregister GTalk accounts when you delete them (#9798)
  • Fixed error when trying to log into Wildfire Jabber server (#9801)
  • Fixed passwordless login on broken Jabber servers (#9748)
  • Fixed a crash when finishing a file transfer (#8979)


  • Fixed redisplay of the away message when an away contact goes idle on AIM (#10056)
  • AIM DirectConnect now respects the “automatically accept…” option in the File Transfer preferences
  • Fixed an intermittent crash after sending an image via AIM Direct IM
  • Fixed lengthy delay before sending messages after connecting an AIM or ICQ account with a large number of ICQ contacts on its contact list (#10350)


  • Update to libotr 3.1 (#7485)
  • Fixed infinite loop caused by pasting rich text into an encrypted chat (#7960)
  • Fixed infinite loop caused by messages that were too long for one message (#2528)
  • Fixed per-user encryption settings not being set properly (#9366)
  • Fixed inability to enable automatic encryption (#9193)

Chat transcripts

  • Adium chat transcripts are now bundles. Third party software will need to be updated accordingly.
    • Adium now stores in-chat images (e.g. AIM DirectIM) in chat transcripts (#6537)
    • Added aliases in chat transcripts (#8613)
  • Reduced time spent writing log files when sending or receiving a message, providing a significant performance boost in many settings (#9386)
  • Added option to hide timestamps in transcript viewer (#8633)
  • Added left/right and up/down swipe gestures for users of multi-touch Macs (e.g., MacBook Air) (#9432)
  • Fixed combined contacts' transcripts for GTalk and .Mac chats not displaying within the combined contact (#9725)
  • Fixed hang when opening the transcript viewer (#9722)
  • Fixed one case where transcripts listed in the Transcript Viewer would have an empty Date column (#9950)
  • Added a very small delay to changing which logs are displayed when your selection changes, making keyboard-based navigation much easier.
  • Added display of the contact's name along with the alias in the transcript viewer


  • Exposed mutabilityType of statuses to AppleScript (#7656)
  • Exposed unread-messages count in AppleScript (#9925)
  • Added ability to add contacts through AppleScript (#9128)
  • Added ability to re-order contacts through AppleScript (#9127)
  • Added ability to block contacts through AppleScript (#9875)
  • Added ability to delete contacts through AppleScript (#9061)
  • Added ability to list the contacts of a group, and find the group of a contact, through AppleScript (#9109)
  • Added ability to toggle proxies on and off through AppleScript (#750)
  • Added ability to get the account of a contact through AppleScript in Tiger (#8972)
  • Fixed bug where, if you turned off Show Groups, some (most) contact group elements would be contacts, mixed in with the actual groups (#9131)
  • Fixed Address Book plugins, which were broken in 1.2.x (#9879)
  • Fixed %_adiumbuild in certain situations (#9472)

URL detection

  • “B.Sc.” (Bachelor of Science) is no longer detected as a link (#7910) (#9955)
  • Fixed actions (/me) that ended with URLs rendering the asterisk (*) as part of the link (#8459)
  • Fixed linkification of enclosed URIs with trailing punctuation (#1031) (#9795)
  • Fixed linkification of URIs with user/password information (#9796)
  • Fixed linkification of IPv6 addresses (#7491)
  • Fixed linkification of URLs containing underscores (#7959)
  • Spotify URI hyperlink detection (#9200)

Address Book

  • Fixed setting your Bonjour display name to the name on your Address Book “Me” card (#2855)
  • Fixed “Overwrite Address Book images with contacts' icons” feature working sporadically (#4935)
  • Fixed “Search in Address Book” not adding the contact on the correct service (#8256)
  • Fixed ignorance of email address field when looking up names in Address Book for GTalk and MSN contacts (#9018)
  • Fixed “Add to Address Book” causing Adium to lose the Address Book name information for all your contacts (#9303)
  • We now respect the 'last name first' per-contact setting from the Address Book (#10327)

Crash fixes

  • Fixed a crash when moving around groups in contact list or moving them in and out of it (#9447)
  • Fixed a crash when the Adium User Profile window is shown at startup *and* a 3rd party plugin needs confirmation at startup (#9953)


  • Added a Commonwealth English localization
  • “Show x recent messages” (in the General pane of the Preferences) was translated as number of days, not number of messages, in Chinese (#9792)
  • Provide separate strings for “Get Info” menu item and “Get Info” button (#8570)
  • Added Italian-localized Dock-icon overlays for Away and Idle (#9975)
  • Updated all localizations

Version 1.2.7 (7/4/2008)

SVN Revision: [24254]

  • Fixed sending of invalid XML when asked for our version information in XMPP, which effectively broke XMPP connectivity. (Bug introduced in 1.2.6) (#10324)
  • Improved handling of invalid XML over XMPP (#10347, #10353)
  • Hopefully fixed a bug which caused an XMPP contact to infinitely flip between two groups shortly after authorization (#8834)

Version 1.2.6 (7/1/2008)

SVN Revision: [24175]

  • Updated to libpurple 2.4.3
    • Fixed ICQ connectivity
    • Improved Yahoo! and Yahoo! Japan messaging to use UTF-8, restoring compatibility with the web messenger
    • Fixed setting your buddy icon for Yahoo! accounts
    • Multiple QQ fixes
    • Decreased spam on the MyspaceIM service
    • Fixed some situations which could lead to the dreaded "MSN list synchronization" errors
  • Fixed an ancient bug in which the wrong event would be displayed for a contact status change, such as "Contact Came Back" when the contact disconnected. (#468, #5551)
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when a contact changed status while a new chat window was open with that contact (#9425)
  • Fixed saving/restoring message window positioning on 10.4

Version 1.2.5 (4/28/2008)

SVN Revision: [23238]

  • Fixed Yahoo! Japan connectivity
  • Fixed ICQ connectivity for some accounts with large contact lists
  • Improved rate limiting management for AIM and ICQ accounts
  • Fixed a longstanding bug in which contact list tooltips could appear while on a different Space (workspace or virtual desktop) or while the contact list is obscured by other windows (#1156)
  • Fixed repeating / stuttering event sounds on G5 machines (#8828)
  • Fixed display of chat transcripts which contain HTML codes in their content (#9591)
  • Fixed negotiation of XMPP authentication over SASL when one mechanism fails but another can succeed, as when the server support GSSAPI, Adium is not authorized to connect via GSSAPI, but Adium has a valid username/password combination to use instead. (#9492)
  • Fixed a crash when closing the Personal preferences immediately after changing your alias or display name (#9565)
  • Fixed a crash when disconnecting an account which had previously received an authorization request (#9482)
  • Fixed the 'Show received colors' preference to no longer determine whether we show received font size; this is now solely determined by 'Show received fonts' (#9523)
  • Fixed default group chat conference settings for Google Talk (#9092)
  • Fixed the User Icon toolbar button in chat windows when in text-only mode on 10.5 (#8518)
  • Fixed enabling/disabling of the Bookmark Chat toolbar button (#9335)
  • Improved automatic linkification (#7267)
  • Fixed the Messages preferences preview to display the correct font for outgoing preview messages (#5561)
  • Fixed restoration of the message window's location when it overlaps the dock and has a visible toolbar (#9096)
  • Fixed "Insert Link to Active Page" button for Camino 1.6 (#9706)
  • Fixed another bold/italics display issue
  • Fixed positioning of the push/pop/swap button in the text entry area of chat windows (seen when using control-up and control-down to manipulate the message stack) (#9063)
  • Added an ID property for contacts accessed via Applescript
  • We now allow the # character in Jabber names (#9544)
  • Fixed the Import from iChat button in the first run wizard (#9678)
  • Fixed receiving of empty XMPP message stanzas (#4161)
  • Danish, French, French Canadian, and Brazilian Portuguese translation updates

Version 1.2.4 (3/30/08)

SVN Revision: [23013]

  • Updated to libpurple 2.4.1
    • AIM offline message support
    • Faster Yahoo file transfers
    • Viewing of ICQ status notes
    • Setting Google Talk buddy icons
    • Fixed an issue which could make you appear offline to MSN users
  • Moved Accounts and Contacts submenus to the top of the StatusItem
  • Fixed an issue causing some Yahoo! contacts to be incorrectly blocked (#7744)
  • Fixed the size of the divider between the message view and the text entry field (#9324)
  • Fixed some glitches when pasting text
  • Fixed a crash when closing tabs and using the undo menu item (#9511)
  • Fixed several other undo-related bugs
  • Improved handling of certain error conditions (#8762)
  • Completely transparent contact lists are now allowed (#5104)
  • The 'copy' menu item is now disabled correctly when there's nothing to copy
  • Fixed a crash when the system audio output device changes (#9299)
  • Fixed a crash if the permissions on mdimport are set incorrectly (#7933)

Version 1.2.3 (2/25/08)

SVN Revision: [22688]

  • Fixed logging in for certain Yahoo! Messenger accounts
  • Fixed opening chats when using certain message styles (#9224)
  • Fixed sizing of the message entry field (#8701)
  • Improved XMPP account reconnections after an SSL handshake fails (#9214)
  • Optimized drawing of tabs when on the side of the window
  • Fixed enabling of the Add button in the Add Contact window when adding from the Apple Address Book (#9260)
  • We now treat 'Busy' as 'Do Not Disturb' for XMPP accounts (#9051)
  • Catalan and Russian translation updates

Version 1.2.2 (2/18/08)

SVN Revision: [22646]

  • Fixed incorrect behavior (including seemingly random changes in selection) in the account/contact selector at the top of chats when multiple sources or destinations are possible (#9013)
  • XMPP & Google Talk
    • Fixed validation of Google Talk SSL certificates (#8529)
    • Fixed connecting to Google Talk accounts with an ID (#8971)
    • Fixed a crash which could occur when an SSL handshake failed
    • Added support for xmpp://?join URIs. (#8914)
    • Improved determination of the default handle for XMPP conferences (#8757)
    • Fixed a condition which could cause failure to connect to iChat Server 10.5 when GSSAPI authentication fails but the traditional authentication method is available
    • Fixed appearance of the certificate trust panel (#8702)
    • Fixed joining chats via the XMPP services discovery browser (#9007)
  • Fixes for regressions in Adium 1.2 and 1.2.1
    • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.2.1 when connecting with a proxy configured within Adium
    • Fixed speech of chat joined / chat left events (#8995)
    • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.2.1 when using Fast User Switching (#9040, #9060)
    • Fixed the Custom Status window to show the last-used status, broken in 1.2 (#9082)
    • Fixed autoaccepting of final transfers, broken in 1.2 (#8928)
    • Fixed the Finnish and Dutch Jabber / Google Talk account preferences (#9020)
    • Properly retry the connection if the SSL handshake fails (#9214)
  • Fixed an intermittent crash related to memory management (#8692)
  • Fixed a spacing issue in the Mockie message style (#8966)
  • Fixed a hang if iTunes was showing its license agreement or preferences window when Adium first set an iTunes status (#8310)
  • Improved the Add Contact dialogue to validate entered information and to add contacts to the correct account when entering the window via an authorization request window
  • Fixed a visual display glitch when scrolling the standard contact list with a dark background (#9055)
  • Fixed display of 24 hour time in the Stockholm message style (#8989)
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a tab out of a window (#8999)
  • Fixed a visual glitch when dragging a tab out of a window
  • Fixed a bug which could cause Adium to use large amounts of memory when the system was idle for a long time (#8892)
  • Fixed saving of Status preferences, which previously would fail to save in some situations (#225)
  • Updated Firewall instructions in Adium Help for 10.5
  • Czech, Danish, French Canadian, German, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese localization updates

Version 1.2.1 (1/18/2008)

SVN revision: [22424]

  • Group chats now reconnect automatically when their accounts reconnect after being disconnected (#1880)
  • Greatly improved accessibility, including the chat window, the Accounts, Events, and Advanced preference panes, the File Transfer progress window, and the contact list
  • Fixed a major memory leak which occurred when closing chats (regressed in Adium 1.2) and several minor memory leaks
  • Decreased Adium's memory footprint
  • Jabber conferences now use the account's display name as the handle by default (#8757)
  • Fixed certificate checks for Google Talk accounts
  • Fixed issues with mobile contacts being used from within a metacontact even though an online non-mobile contact could be used
  • Improved performance when connecting multiple accounts with saved passwords
  • Fixed updating of tab icons when the account or contact of a chat changes
  • Fixed retention of the minimum text entry height in message windows (#8759)
  • Fixed the "Get Info for Contact" prompt (#8756)
  • Fixed display of the revert overlay on manually-set icons in the Get Info window
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when dragging the contact list
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when importing logs from iChat (#8729)
  • Fixed sending of links over MSN (#8535)
  • Fixed the menu bar status item's account menu, which could previously display the contact menu instead in some cases
  • Fixed the Address Book scripts and the %_statusMessage script to work with Adium 1.2 (#8817)
  • Fixed issues with Jabber certificate checking (#8787)
  • Fixed a crash when a Jabber account was set to automatically accept authorization requests
  • Worked around a bug connecting to old OpenFire servers since Adium 1.2 (#8803)
  • Fixed a crash after showing an authorization request window and then disconnecting (#8886)
  • Fixed the 'Always show this contact regardless of status' setting for contacts in the Get Info window
  • Fixed missing carriage returns when copying from some message styles (#6893)
  • Fixed linkification of IP addresses on 10.5 (#7839)
  • Fixed determination of the song title when playing a stream in iTunes
  • Fixed ampersands in HTML links (#8445)
  • Added the Add Bookmark toolbar item to the default toolbar (#8772)
  • Stopped obnoxious flickering of the mouse cursor after sending a message (#5651)
  • Fixed manual reordering when not showing contact list groups (#8884)
  • Fixed filenames created by dragging out of image wells when the contact's name starts with a period (#6102)
  • Fixed an errant line at the bottom of the message window (#8657)
  • Fixed updating of the Variants menu after changing the Style in the Messages preferences (#8234)
  • Fixed Yahoo accounts connecting if is included in the user name
  • Updated the Stockholm message style (#8353)
  • Fixed the "Show the file transfer window automatically" preference
  • Applescript fixes:
    • Added date opened property (#8859)
    • Fixed retrieval of account status messages (#8820)
    • Fixed access and setting of account and contact user icons (#8818)
    • Allowed access to service images for accounts
    • Fixed a crash when interacting with message windows (#8821)
    • Fixed the "Go Online" applescript action
    • Added a global status property
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • Updated Norwegian localization
  • Added Slovenian localization

Version 1.2 (1/5/2008)

SVN revision: [22134]

  • Improved Group Chat interface
    • Improved the user list (#192, #2973)
    • Implemented chat bookmarks in the contact list (#331)
    • Added separate events for messages received in group chats (#2260)
    • Added an event for chat invitations (#80)
    • Added Drag & Drop contact invitations
    • The Tab key now autocompletes names in group chats
    • Various minor bug fixes (#447)
  • Improved Bonjour support
    • Implemented file transfer support (#1257)
    • Fixed improper display of Bonjour contacts after disconnecting (#272)
    • Fixed sending messages with line breaks (#2427)
    • Fixed a crash when messaging invalid contacts (#2480)
    • Major improvements to reliability and performance
    • Modernized Bonjour for Mac OS X 10.4+
    • Various minor bug fixes
  • Improved XMPP (Jabber) support
    • Fixed importing of groups (#2795)
    • Added support for fields-based dialogues, which allows many serverside functions to work
    • Added support for server and contact actions
    • Added SSL certificate verification and trust control
    • Improved new account registration
    • Fixed connectivity to servers which require GSSAPI/Kerberos 5 and some other forms of authentication via SASL and which require CRAM-MD5 via jabber:iq:auth
    • XMPP can now broadcast information about the current iTunes track
    • Fixed a long-standing crash after disconnecting from a server which uses SSL (#7461)
  • Rewrote almost all of Applescript support, fixing numerous problems and expanding its capabilities
  • Implemented detachable Contact List groups (drag a group off the contact list to create a free-floating window). Known issue: Detached contact lists don't play as nicely as we would like with Spaces
  • Improved Account Preferences
    • You can now right-click on accounts (or multiple accounts) to quickly control them or their status
    • An account's current connection step (such as "Sending Password") or error message (such as "Invalid password") are displayed under the account name
  • Improved Status Menu Item
    • New "Contacts" Menu (also quickly accessible by holding option when clicking on the status item)
    • General menu cleanup, including using a buddy's icon instead of status for open chats
    • The "show badge" option for Xtras is now a user-settable option in the advanced preferences
    • Added a "flash when there are unread messages" option to the advanced preferences
    • Added a colorful "Adiumy Flashy" icon set
    • With badging enabled, one or more accounts attempting to reconnect will badge an offline icon onto the available icon
  • Improved Reconnect Behavior
    • Added a global "Connect All Accounts" to the file menu, which connects all enabled and offline accounts
    • Accounts will now attempt to reconnect indefinitely. You can view the reconnect status in the Accounts preferences
    • When an account is offline because of a network being unavailable, it will display "Network Offline" in the Accounts preferences
    • Disconnection errors will no longer produce an error message unless it's unable to reconnect (rate limiting, invalid password, etc)
  • Added options for showing/hiding mobile contacts and idle contacts as could be done with offline contacts previously (#3242)
  • Mobile contacts can now have a customized color in the contact list (#215)
  • Fixed pixelated contact icon appearance in Mac OS X 10.5
  • (Sametime) Fixed Sametime login to servers which are configured to prevent 'old' clients from connecting. Be sure to enable the 'Hide Client Identity' account option.
  • Fixed a condition in which a chat window would not appear after Adium had been hidden when a new message was received (#6101)</li>
  • Simplified chat window titles (#8596)
  • Fixed erroneous display of an 'Arrange in Front' menu item in the Window menu in 10.5 (#8588)
  • Added drag & drop of contacts to places besides the contact list (#3097)
  • The status message is now displayed by Growl notifications for status changes (#758)
  • Added an option to change status when a screensaver is activated (#5069)
  • Added options for update checking to the General preferences (#7059)
  • Added an option to show always show a contact in the contact list regardless of status (offline, idle, etc.) (#7203)
  • The Contact List is now accessible via VoiceOver
  • Chats now display a message when your account goes offline or online
  • Improved handling of grammar checking across multiple windows (#8364)
  • Improved quit confirmation and added an advanced preference to control it (#4231)
  • Error dialogs and authorization windows no longer steal focus (#7747, #7923)
  • Disabled javascript: urls in the message view, fixing a potential security concern
  • Added 'First Last Initial' as an option for names from the Address Book (#3673)
  • Improved first-run experience when using services which require a server to be specified (#7685)
  • Empty status messages are no longer forced to read the status's name (#7985)
  • The 'New Email' dialogue can now launch rather than loading a webpage
  • Fixed a crash which could occur during file transfers
  • Re-added the ability to customize the number of lines of history to show in new chats
  • Fixed bugs in the Stockholm and Smooth Operator message styles (#2997)
  • Sametime: Fixed contact presence and file transfer problems with Sametime on recent server versions
  • Restored ignoring Exposé when the contact list is set to below other windows on 10.4; this behavior breaks Spaces so can not be done on 10.5.
  • Improved how Spotlight displays chat transcripts on 10.4 (Known issue: 10.5 is still ignoring Spotlight results from chat transcripts because they are within ~/Library) (#8160)
  • Fixed linkification of single-world domain names (#3540)
  • Fixed retention of the size of the text entry area in chat windows (#8685)
  • Fixed rejoining AIM group chats with spaces in their names (#8722)
  • Improved the New Message dialogue (#8714)
  • Fixed a leak after a contact requests authorization
  • Updated Adiumy icons to 512x512 for Leopard
  • Updated to libpurple 2.3.1
  • Got David a gerbil (#7278)
  • Major localization updates: Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English (Australian), Finnish, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

Version 1.1.4 (11/5/2007)

SVN revision: [21542]

  • Compatibility updates for Mac OS X 10.5:
    • Removed the ability for the contact list to ignore exposé, fixing a number of issues with Spaces (#7862)
    • Fixed contact dragging (#8202)
    • Fixed the image picker for buddy icons (#8180, #8184)
    • Fixed translation issues in the menubar (#8211)
    • Fixed the typing notification icon in the message window
    • Fixed Contact List autohiding's interaction with Spaces. When hiding on screen edges, it will respond on all Spaces.
    • (Bonjour) Fixed an issue causing a warning message in the system logs
  • Improved the logic used for picking the folder to download file transfers to (#8145)
  • Changed the invalid password dialog to not clear the existing password from the keychain (#4627)
  • OTR encryption no longer causes chats to spontaneously reopen (#6664)
  • Possibly fixed a crash when receiving file transfers
  • Fixed update checking for people with profile submission turned off
  • Fixed an issue in which toolbar icons could remain on screen after the window closed (#8042)
  • Fixed a crash when quitting Adium while the preferences window is open
  • Fixed clearing the file transfer window
  • Fixed searching logs while indexing is in progress (#8223)
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some logs not being indexed
  • (MySpace) Clarified that MySpace uses the email address for login, not the username (#8085, #8147)
  • (MSN) Fixed Hotmail mail checking (#7610)
  • (Gadu-Gadu) Fixed status messages while using the iTunes status
  • Fixed overlapping buttons in the German localization (#6143)
  • Localization updates
  • Updated to Growl 1.1.2 (

Version 1.1.3 (9/30/2007)

SVN revision: [21175]

  • Fixed a crash when canceling addition of a Bonjour account (#7523)
  • Added support for serverside aliases in Yahoo
  • Fixed an issue in which accounts which were created with Adium 0.6x would disappear when upgrading to Adium 1.1.x
  • Fixed display of hidden message windows after clicking the Adium dock icon (#6101)
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening the transcript viewer (#7791)
  • Fixed the Custom Pitch setting for the Speak Event action
  • Fixed a crash after deleting events in the Events preferences (#7841)
  • Fixed a crash when importing certain Fire chat transcripts with invalid XML (#6655)
  • Improved display of long names in the Smooth Operator message style
  • Fixed a visual glitch after clicking the Add button in the Accounts preferences (#7539)
  • Fixed the iChat Emoticon set in Mac OS X 10.5
  • Updated to Libpurple 2.2.1.
    • Added MySpaceIM Service (#4065)
    • Some of the XMPP improvements by Andy Monitzer from this year's Google Smmer of Code. Others will follow in Adium 1.2.
    • Fixed sending messages when using the MSN HTTP method (#7682)
    • Fixed Yahoo! group chats
    • Improved AIM file transfer
    • Fixed an erroneous size display for MSN file transfers. (#7958)
    • Fixed multiple memory leaks
    • Fixed an issue with idle status and time for AIM and ICQ accounts
  • French, Dutch, and Swedish updates

Version 1.1.2 (9/3/2007)

SVN revision: [20844]

  • Added preference to turn off the contact list animations (Preferences->Advanced->Contact List)
  • Option+Close now closes all other tabs (#7573)
  • Fixed a memory leak and potential visual glitch when viewing tooltips for contacts (#7585)
  • Fixed display of AIM contacts after they return from being mobile via 'forward to mobile'
  • Fixed retention of the 'docked' status of the contact list across launches
  • Fixed drawing glitches and improved performance in the Events preferences pane and Events tab of the Get Info window
  • Fixed default showing of offline contacts, which was turned on in 1.1. As of 1.1.2, this is off by default, as it was in versions of Adium prior to 1.1. This can always be changed from the View menu.
  • Fixed spring-loaded tabs to wait for a definitive hover before switching. The delay is the same as the Finder's delay for spring-loaded folders. As with Finder, space bar can be pressed to switch immediately. (#7588)
  • Fixed Gadu-Gadu on PPC machines (#7556)
  • Fixed reopening of chat windows after using encryption (#6664)
  • Fixed an exception which could occur when Spotlight was importing chat transcripts
  • Fixed a one pixel border at the bottom of the borderless contact list
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when the contact list was closed while an animation was in progress
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of servers on the local network as unavailable (#7381)
  • Snap-to-edges is now disabled in all contact list window types when holding the shift key
  • Fixed minimize and zoom buttons in the Preferences window (#7612)
  • Fixed improper minimum height for the borderless contact list
  • Fixed a flickering scrollbar which could occur when the contact list's size was very close to the size at which it needed to show a scrollbar (#6725)
  • Fixed transparency of message windows in Safari 3.0b (#7164, #7769)
  • Fixed toggling of emoticons to and from their text equivalent in Safari 3.0b (#7148)
  • Fixed a bug when changing status or service icons
  • Fixed the link attribute hanging around after clear the message entry text area with the cursor inside a link (#7365)
  • Fixed multiple contact removal from the privacy list (#7106)
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of gadu-gadu
  • Fixed stray menu items which appeared in the contextual menu of message windows in languages besides English (#7667)
  • Fixed 24 hour time display in the Stockholm message style
  • .Mac names now autocomplete for AIM, and Jabber names autocomplete for GTalk, in the New Message dialogue (#4983)
  • zh_CN and Italian (#7490) updates
  • Added help documentation for Show Offline Contacts
  • Fixed display of AdiumLibpurplePlugins as bundles
  • Updated to libpurple 2.1.1

Version 1.1.1 (8/13/2007)

SVN revision: [20585]

  • Fixed a problem with the version checking system (Sparkle) which caused a crash when the minimum system requirements were specified in the appcast.

Version 1.1 (8/12/2007)

SVN revision: [20566]

Note: Adium now requires Mac OS X 10.4.0 or later.

Summer of Code 2006 Changes

  • Rewritten tabs using PSMTabBarControl (Kent Sutherland, mentored by David Smith)
    • Tabs can now be oriented vertically or horizontally (#3372)
    • Tabs handle overflow better, by showing a “chevron” (») pop-up menu (#12)
    • Improved drag & drop behavior with tabs (#2555)
    • Improved tab length calculation (#6775)
    • Tabs can display the number of unread messages

Contact List

  • Horizontal autosizing of the contact list is now more accurate (#6618)
  • Added an animated transition for contact list sorting (#5633)
  • Hi, LH.


  • StatusItem can now be customized via .AdiumMenuBarIcons AdiumXtras (#7237)
  • Improved Adiumy emoticon text equivalents (#6327)
  • Custom menu bar icons are now preserved when upgrading to a new version of Adium (#6972)
  • Multi-state menu bar icon options (#4905)
  • Detailed menu bar status is now optional via menu bar xtras (#4532)
  • Added a %messageClasses% keyword to message view styles?, allowing greatly improved CSS selector targetting

User Interface

  • Automatically remember buddy list positioning when plugging in external monitors (#5583)
  • The menu bar icon now updates with a badge when a custom available message is selected (#4924)
  • Added a "Show Contact List" item to StatusItem (#772)
  • Corrected a slight visual misalignment in StatusItem (#4419)
  • Added a separator line underneath "All" in transcript viewer (#5129)
  • Toolbar button to send nudge/buzz (notification) (#6635)
  • Added events for nudge/buzz (notification)
  • Clarified UI to show that logging needs to be on for message history to work (#6682)
  • Move Accounts to the left of the prefs window (#6190)

File Transfer

Chat Transcripts

  • Usernames are now shown in the chat transcript viewer (#6760, #6866)


  • There is no longer an invisible window when Exposé is active and the contact list is offscreen (#6397)
  • Adium now handles disconnecting when AirPort is turned off more gracefully (#6466)
  • Improved determination of network availability when waking from sleep (#5678)
  • Added an iChat importer (#6698)
  • Improved display of idle times when somebody is really, really idle (#1347)
  • The time zone now updates while Adium is running (#5383)
  • Group chats no longer attempt to send files dropped on the message text field (#7133)
  • Drag & drop of .textClipping files is now handled properly (#6929)
  • When responding to an authorization request, adding the contact to your contact list now uses the correct account (#6977)
  • Updated sound playing to be more likely to work on future versions of Mac OS X (#5636)
  • Added grace period following closing of message window during which a new autoreply will not be sent if they message you again (#4849)
  • The cursor now reappears when sending a message, as well as when moving the mouse (#5651)
  • Attempting to delete multiple saved statuses at once only deletes one (#6608)
  • Appearance preferences now include MenuBarIcons (#6335)
  • When Adium is run from the installation disk image, we now offer to install it. Thanks to Google for donating the code for this feature.
  • Updated to libpurple 2.1.0


  • Dock icon (.AdiumIcon) Xtras now work correctly with case-sensitive HFS+ (#176)

Performance and Memory

  • Fixed leaks in outgoing messages in DirectConnect chats (#6982)
  • Temporary files are now deleted sooner than in 1.0.x (for example, when closing a chat) (#6732)
  • Removed all remaining calls to QuickDraw APIs, improving performance (#5770)
  • Improved smoothness of ContactList hiding animation in the Regular Window style (#6396)

Service-specific Updates

Oscar (AIM, ICQ and .Mac)

  • Corrected handling of different inline images with the same name (#5493)
  • Support embedded iTunes link when using the iTunes status on AIM (#3152)
  • DirectConnect requests are now automatically accepted for contacts on your contact list (#700, #5934)
  • Improved display of the error message when attempting to send a message that's too large for AIM (#6469)
  • Fixed login with AIM for certain screennames which were previously AOL names (#2013)
  • Fixed the "Unable to format screen name" error on ICQ (#6533)

Jabber (includes Google Talk and LiveJournal Talk)

  • Added (some) support for xmpp: URIs (#6541)
  • Fixed a crash when retrieving a user icon over XMPP (Jabber) (#7240)
  • Quit yo Jibba Jabba
  • Corrected client information (#7256)


  • Bonjour contacts are no longer marked as online after signing off (#5992)


  • Added support for right-to-left messages (#5431)

Version 1.0.5 (7/9/2007)

SVN revision: [20183]

  • Fixed inadvertent deletion of the chat transcript index after opening and closing the chat transcript viewer; this could lead to performing a full, slow re-index when next it was used (#7037)
  • Fixed retrieval of user name and password for systemwide proxy settings when the proxy requires authentication. (#6998)
  • Fixed display of the fingerprint when verifying an OTR fingerprint. (#7001)
  • Fixed a potential crash when doing text-to-speech
  • Fixed a crash when selecting 'undo' after closing a message window
  • Fixed display of ICQ to ICQ messages when utilizing OTR (#6901)
  • Fixed installation of AdiumLibpurplePlugins
  • Updated to libpurple 2.0.2 (from 2.0.0)
    • Moving an ICQ buddy from one group to another no longer re-requests authorization from that person
    • Fixed SOCKS5 bug which caused Jabber file receiving to fail
    • Remove MSN's random "Authorization Failed" dialogs
    • Fix MSN to correctly detect incorrect passwords
    • Get User Info on MSN is now more reliable & accurate
    • Fix for some QQ authentication problems
    • Prevent "Logged in:" times for AIM buddies being ridiculously high
    • Improve support for some non-Latin encodings over ICQ
    • Fix for buddy icons disappearing
    • Don't escape html entities in Yahoo! system messages
    • Receives notifications when XMPP buddies send "leaving chat" messages
    • Fix error messages when joining XMPP chats
    • File transfer progress for transfers on MSN is now correctly displayed
    • Fix Open Hotmail Inbox for MSN to work more reliably
    • Google Talk accounts will not import buddies from your Gmail address book

Version 1.0.4 (5/20/2007)

SVN revision: [19781]

  • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.0.3 which could occur when accounts disconnected or status changed
  • Fixed a crash introduced in 1.0.3 which could occur after a chat is closed
  • Fixed group chat when message history is enabled
  • Fixed incorrect updating of icons in an active chat when a contact's icon changes or your own icon changes
  • Properly upgrade OTR fingerprints and private keys made in Adium 1.0.2 and earlier (#6891)
  • Fixed deletion of temporary images when they are no longer needed (#4711 and #6732)
  • Fixed a crash when command-dragging the message window (#6873)
  • Improved chat transcript viewer performance after finishing transcript indexing
  • Added ability for external processes to communicate with Adium via Distributed Objects (connection name: @"com.adiumX.adiumX")
  • We now follow updates to the system time zone (#5383)

Version 1.0.3 (5/9/2007)

SVN revision: [19653]

  • Fixed a major memory leak after closing chats present since Adium 1.0
  • Updated to libpurple 2.0.0 (from libpurple 2.0.0 beta)
    • Improved retrieval of MSN buddy icons
    • Fixed setting our own buddy icon in some situations in which it would not be set previously
    • Fixed determination of encoding for some AIM profiles and messages (#6839)
    • Added NAT-PMP support, significantly improving AIM File Transfer, AIM Direct Connect, and more when behind an Apple Airport Express or Extreme router
  • Fixed Direct IM images sent to iChat users after pasting from the clipboard
  • Fixed the dropdown menu shown when there are multiple destination contact choices for an outgoing message. It previously could display a contact different form the one to which the message would actually be sent.
  • Fixed reversion of privacy settings to "Block Certain Contacts" for ICQ and Yahoo accounts (#4770)
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when waking a system which had gone to sleep while Adium was conencting
  • Fixed import of logs via Spotlight (#6287)
  • Fixed printing of logs (#5617)
  • Fixed a crash which could occur after finishing indexing of chat transcripts
  • Fixed an exception when importing Fire contacts
  • Fixed display of bold in the Chat Transcript viewer
  • Fixed a crash which could occur with certain font related problems
  • Improved performance when pasting or dropping large images for use as contact icons or account icons (#6729)
  • Fixed incorrect shadow drawing in some situations in the contact list (#5232)
  • Suppressed a spurious warning message when connecting to ICQ in some situations (#6533)
  • Fixed iTunes away status when nothing is playing (#5899)
  • Fixed cascading a message windows when 'open new chats in tabs' is disabled. (#4451)
  • Allow ` in Jabber / XMPP usernames (#6690)
  • Improved icons for SIMPLE, QQ, and Zephyr, using Pidgin's icons
  • Various localizability improvements
  • Switch to Smart Crash Reports for crash reporting. This will only do anything if Smart Crash Reports is installed (see; Adium does not install it.
  • (French) Fixed Encryption preferences
  • (German) Fixed advanced messages preferences (#6781)
  • (Portuguese) Fixed Personal preferences
  • (Turkish) Fixed a crash on first launch
  • Updated Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish translations

Version 1.0.2 (3/25/2007)

SVN revision: [19259]

  • Fixed a crash which could occur while performing DNS resolutions and optimized for performance
  • Fixed another situation in which an AIM file transfer could fail, introduced in the fix included in 1.0.1
  • Fixed a crash when sending formatted MSN text (#5753)
  • Fixed linkification of .eu domains
  • Various performance improvements to the log viewer when opening it and performing searches, particularly in searching while indexing occurs. All logs will be reindexed the first time 1.0.2's log viewer opens.
  • Fixed sending of packages and folders via file transfer
  • Fixed sending of images via copy-paste on services besides AIM
  • Fixed default Google Talk configuration for Google Talk Enterprise users (#6505)
  • Fixed searching of the keychain list (#4463)
  • Fixed rate limiting error when using the iTunes Now Playing status and rapidly changing the iTunes track (#2463)
  • Fixed dock-like hiding on the right side of the screen after the scrollbar disappears with autosizing disabled. (#6179)
  • We now once again send autoreplies to strangers (#6334)
  • Fixed the password prompt window to properly come to the front
  • Windows whose saved position is off-screen due to a resolution change now display on-screen, as expected, when opened (#5845)
  • Fixed incorrect indication of certain MSN contacts as being mobile (#6477)
  • Incoming Bonjour messages which don't have an HTML component are now properly displayed (#6590)
  • Fixed the date logged for a window closed event (#6566)
  • Added ability to import Fire accounts and logs after first-run (#6519)
  • Fixed the progress bar in the Fire importer
  • Correct a situation in which the Fire log importer could generate invalid XML
  • Fire import now supports HTML-styled away messages
  • Fixed a memory leak when a DNS query is cancelled
  • Removed the broken feature which was supposed to allow applescript Xtra script triggers to be escaped (#6552)
  • iTunes substitution triggers are now case insensitive (#6293)
  • Left and right arrow keys now behave as expected in the file transfer progress window (#1813)
  • Emoticon packs' names and emoticon names can now be localized
  • Use the correct extension for incoming custom emoticons; this hopefully fixes some problems with their display in 10.3. (#6232)
  • Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, zh_CN, and zh_TW localization updates

Version 1.0.1 (2/16/2007)

SVN revision: [19037]

  • Improved reliability of AIM file transfer reception
  • Fixed white text color in chat transcripts under certain conditions
  • Fixed incorrect display of oneself on the contact list when logging in with Bonjour (#177, #5992)
  • Fixed a sporadic crash when closing message windows with logging enabled (#6270)
  • Fixed a crash when waking from sleep with a Jabber account connected
  • Fixed the Fonts toolbar item in the message window to show the Set Default button in the resulting Fonts window (#6286)
  • Fixed retention of the musical notes prefix when switching away from the iTunes Now Playing status (#6250)
  • Fixed a crash when retrieving Yahoo! Japan profiles
  • Fixed slowdown problems when VoiceOver is enabled (#6094)
  • Fixed MSN emoticons which don't have case-reversed equivalents
  • Made "Accept MSN Custom Emoticons" default to Yes
  • Fixed a problem when importing Fire settings in which AIM accounts would have the wrong server set
  • Fixed crash when inviting a contact to a chat
  • Fixed display of an error message when accepting a group chat invitation
  • Fixed use of 'localhost' as a Jabber connect server (#6300)
  • Fixed display of the password prompt window in Dutch
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading from old versions of Adium in certain situations (#6273)
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a Guest account
  • Fixed display of 0-length status messages in the contact list
  • Fixed a display problem with the included Stockholm message style
  • Selecting Custom... for a status which is currently being edited now brings the status window forward (#5714)
  • Properly handle new messages received while the File menu is visible when determining whether to display a quit confirmation dialogue (#5668)
  • Fixed focus-stealing of password prompt windows
  • Removed some unneeded debug logging
  • Fixed memory leaks when:
    • Sending a message (#6425)
    • Utilizing encryption (#6424)
    • Initializing MSN (#6430)
    • Handling Jabber network traffic (#6429)
    • Displaying certain menus (#6427)
  • Various localization improvements, including Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and zh_TW updates. Restored the Brazilian Portuguese localization.

Version 1.0 (2/2/2007)

SVN revision: [18816]

Selected Major Changes

  • Added global user profile and buddy icon settings. (Personal Preferences)
  • General Account improvements. Accounts can now be disabled when not in in use, and friends can now sign on from your Adium without saving their information.
  • Added an Xtras manager for better browsing and removing of Xtras.
  • Major improvements in privacy settings.
  • Improvements to the default look and feel of Adium.
  • iTunes integration is much faster, and updates as soon as the song changes.
  • Redesigned Chat Transcript (Log) Viewer
  • Optional dock-like hiding of the contact list
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Universal Binary)


  • A new Xtras Manager has been introduced (#1459, #539)
  • New default Xtras (#3134):
    • Stockholm (message view)
    • Tokyo Train Station (soundset, now default) (#1614)
    • iBubble (status icons) (#1997)
    • Aqualicious (contact list)
    • Chat Bubbles (status icons) (#2084)
  • Fixed the MSN sunglasses emoticon (#1579)
  • Improved the preview and menu for emoticons (#2522)
  • Fixed installation location on case-sensitive file-systems (#2178)
  • Updated Eclipse message style (#627, #729, #999)
  • Resolved problem where "Show Headers" would crash Adium (#2473)
  • Implemented graceful upgrading of existing Xtras where possible (#3980)


  • Dock icon now stops bouncing/flashing properly (#205, #269)
  • Added a Contact Requests Authorization global event (#2291)
  • Added preferences to control dock icon movement (#1707)
  • Added preference to control Dock icon animation (flapping) (#541)
  • Removed output device preference (#1442)

Privacy (#19)

  • Added Privacy Settings window, with more flexible blocking options (#913, #129, #920)
  • Displays a visual indication of blocked users (#344)
  • Block Contact Toolbar Item (#1117)
  • Fixed blocking a person on only one account when you had them listed on multiple accounts (#2051)
  • ⌘⌥B is now a shortcut for block contact (#3739)
  • Closing the authorization request window will dismiss the request with no answer (#3479)

User Interface

  • Awesome new application icon and Preferences toolbar icons from Adam Betts
  • Added integrated Help system
  • Add Buddy button in the message window toolbar (#2)
  • Disabled "New Chat" when offline (#2265)
  • Clarified "Add account" menu in Accounts prefs (#421)
  • Removed title from the About window (#3901)
  • Dialog box to authorize contacts now has the affirmative, not the negative, answer as the default button (#112)
  • Confirm quit if file transfers or unread messages are present (#3087, #2733, #4231)
  • Fixed an odd flickering issue on several scrollbars (#2111)
  • Improved the contrast of text entry cursors with nonstandard background colors (#2262)
  • Fixed the title of the Contact Info window for metacontacts (#1055)
  • Alert boxes no longer steal keyboard focus (but do still come to the front so that you can read them) (#270)
  • Added key commands like Safari's for switching tabs (#280)
  • Made error messages non-gender-specific (#2623)
  • The background color for profiles can now be changed (#922)
  • Background colors can now be added and read in profiles and statuses.
  • Improved the wording of the delete group dialog (#2017)
  • Fixed an overlapping button (#2933)
  • Added more popcorn to the general preferences.
  • Added a contextual menu for tabs (#1595)
  • Added a contextual menu to make sandwiches tastier. for tabs (#1595)
  • Clarified naming for Close Chat menu item (#759)
  • Showing an encryption fingerprint does not open multiple windows when clicked more than once (#2580)
  • Added global keystroke to activate Adium (#1958, #3727)
  • Added a "Show Offline Group" item to the View menu (#2366)
  • Contact notes can now be cleared (#2398)
  • Scroll bar in Info window sometimes didn't appear when it was supposed to (#97)
  • Reworded Send Later dialog (#2278)
  • File transfer Window no longer requires AppleGothic font (#2300)
  • Corrected spelling of emoticon name "Sticking out tongue" (#3235)
  • Get Info on groups no longer shows Info or Accounts tabs (#2788)
  • Links with .eu in them now work (#2987)
  • Fixed a bug when setting buddy icon and getting incorrect size (#793)
  • When switching the active tab by clicking on a tab's icon, we now update the icon to the close icon, since that's what a second click will do (#2791)
  • Display Growl notifications when invited to a group chat (#3276)
  • The status window now works correctly on single and dual monitor systems (#3079
  • Can now delete own buddy picture (#3325)
  • Status icons in the status window now update when you change the active status icon pack (#4325)
  • Improved keyboard support for Join Chat dialog (#2853)


  • Resolved issue where the Mockie display truncated the protocol name (#2014)
  • Message view window can now be transparent (#131)
  • File transfer requests are now displayed inline in the message view. The exact appearance can be customized by the message style (#2197)
  • Added support for Kopete additions to the message style format such as %senderColor%, %messageDirection%, and %senderStatusIcon% (#3132)
  • Improved handling of /me (#1162, #2920)
  • Improved automatic linking in messages (#249)
  • Added replacement tokens (aka keywords) for MSN display names (#239)
  • Dragging and dropping .textClipping files into the message view now works (#1689)
  • Fixed option-keys for cursor movement in custom status window (#255)
  • Fixed an issue for when a tab inside the message window wouldn't change width to represent a changed alias (#1056)
  • Improved support for the Webdings font in messages (#3048)
  • Direct-IM images may now be scaled Firefox-style by the message style
  • XHTML styles now accepted from incoming messages (#440)
  • Message view windows won't reopen doubly when an incoming message is received at the exact moment of the close attempt (#460)
  • Buddy icons displayed in the message view now update when changed (#3440)
  • "No icon" setting (#483)
  • Emoticon text equivalents are not expanded to emoticon images inside of URLs (e.g. the ":/" in "") (#2761, #721, #2634)
  • Now with 200% more cowbell
  • Added client.debugLog() javascript function, logs messages to Console
  • Template.html now uses the HTML4 strict doctype
  • Images are now scaled down in the input area (#611)
  • Dragging & dropping text or a URL onto a buddy in the contact list now sends the text or URL to the buddy (#860)
  • We no longer auto-reply to messages sent while you were offline (#4174)
  • A horizontal ellipsis after a link is now separated from the link (e.g. (#1183)
  • Paste retains bold/italics/underline/font/size etc. but strips colors, alignment, images, etc. (#1740, #2880)
  • Added a new paste item, Paste with Colors and Images, which does a traditional paste with rich text operation (#2880)
  • Language for spelling checker is now remembered for each contact (#2409)
  • Fixed a bug where the contact and account pop-ups got cut out if the window is too small (#1015)
  • Dragged URLs from Safari and OmniWeb now appear with the window's title (#1739)
  • Support messaging contacts not present on your contact list from any account (#701)
  • Italics are no longer sticky (#2904)
  • Improved the Edit Link contextual menu item on 10.4 (#3169)
  • You can now paste a link into the inputline, without the URL being stripped (#532)
  • Improved handling of incorrectly made message styles

Contact List

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the contact list to shrink (#296)
  • Group names are now truncated in the middle (e.g. “Adium users”→“Adiu…sers”) rather than the end (e.g. “Adium …”) (#2589)
  • Add Buddy button in authorization dialog (#2)
  • Added a dock-like autohiding ability for the contact list (many tickets)
  • The highlight color of the contact list is now customizable (#102)
  • Your buddy icon and display name can now be changed via the contact list (#543, #1701, #2345)
  • Empty and new groups are now shown as intended (#21, #26)
  • Offline contacts are now displayed by default (#1665)
  • Buddy icons in the contact list are now slightly rounded (#3460)
  • File transfers can now be initiated by dragging folders/files onto a contact (#1747)
  • Made the scrollbar on the contact list narrower
  • Fixed a bug where a custom buddy icon wasn't properly saved after quit (#1934)
  • Improved the appearance of dragging contacts on the contact list (#3232)
  • With no contacts online, borderless windows correctly hide themselves (#296)
  • Increased the spacing for group bubbles styles (#2025)
  • Selection in the contact list is now maintained when the list changes (#2281)
  • You can now hide the display name, buddy icon, and status selection at the top of regular styles (#450)
  • Keyboard focus is no longer stolen when the contact list unhides (#612)
  • Improved repositioning when the screen resolution changes (#2172)
  • Contact list was off-screen in multiple-monitor configurations (#93)
  • Fixed issue when showing offline contacts with auto-resize (#1080)
  • Borderless contact list now closes if no contact are online (#1139)
  • When moving a metacontact, all the contacts therein really do move now (#2077)
  • Fixed disappearance of the standard contact list on launch or immediately after opened when Adium was in the background (#2320, #1995)
  • Adding a contact who is already in the contact list is now verboten (#50)
  • Fixed issue saving color opacity of theme colors (#3316)
  • Metacontacts no longer mess up contact list sorting (#3751)
  • Corrected an issue that could cause status message not to be updated in the contact list (#665)
  • Added ability to see yourself in the contact list (#2887)
  • Added a tooltip explaining that background images only work in the regular window and borderless (i.e. non-bubble) contact list styles (#431)
  • Searching for contacts in the contact list is easier (#3163)
  • Maximum contact list width now refers to the inside portion, not the entire window including scrollbars (#640)


  • Resolved performance issues when adding or changing statuses (#716)
  • Statuses can now be grouped in folders and sub-folders (#101)
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts in the custom status window (#255)
  • Mute checkbox now works with all statuses (#2449)
  • Added the ability to mute by status, without using the status window (#1165, #1738, #2509)
  • Fixed auto-reconnection on wake (#1420)
  • Fixed a crash when returning from away (#2137)
  • The menu duck now indicates current status with a badge (#1445, #2015)
  • Restored ability to keep the Away Status Window visible when Adium is in background; added other options (#615, #708, #2118)
  • Added ability to enable and disable accounts; disabled accounts won't automatically connect (#1415, #1641)
  • Sound for “You connect” now won't play again after < 5 seconds since the previous time (#2915)
  • Fixed overlapping problem due to Apple Graphics update (#1522)
  • Added the ability to pick a random status (#3336)
  • Automatically set Idle status once the screensaver becomes active (#577)

File transfer

  • Folders are compressed automatically (#86)
  • Automatically rename incoming files whose desired filename is already taken (#734)

iTunes Integration

  • Improved the speed of the iTunes integration (#2352)
  • Improved integration of iTunes with status settings
  • Added an eighth note which functions as an iTunes music store link in statuses.
  • iTunes scripts no longer have an impact on CPU usage (#2352)

Chat Transcripts

  • Redesigned Chat Transcript Viewer (previously called Log Viewer) with grouping of combined contacts and better search capabilities
  • New XML-based logging format (#38, #13, #265, #1224, #4332, #4334, #4271, #4272, #4273, #4274, #4277, #4321, #4323)
  • Message history is now faster and draws directly from logs, rather than being stored separately
  • Transcript Viewer now defaults to Context based searches


  • Adium now only supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later.
  • New software update system (SparklePlus, a version of Andy Matuschak's Sparkle modified by Tom Harrington)
  • First-run Setup Assistant (#9)
  • "Check spelling as you type" preference is saved (#768)
  • Added the auto-linkification of the notes:// protocol (#3622)
  • Added tooltip to "-" button (removes a contact from the currently-viewed metacontact) (#201)
  • Consulted the Vorlon
  • "Contact Icon" toolbar item now updates when it should (#230)
  • Improved support for case-sensitive HFSX filesystems (#2178)
  • Improved support for screen names with spaces in them (#2231)
  • Can now Get Info on contacts who aren't on your contact list (#193, #2424)
  • Improved Insert Link From Safari to recognize other browsers (#1099)
  • Crash Reporter no longer submits crash reports if a newer version is available (#65)


  • The dock icon now has the preference to display the number of unviewed messages (#730)
  • Fixed a bug with dock icons not showing up (#3056)

Protocol Additions and Fixes

AIM (generally includes .Mac and ICQ)

  • File Transfer improvements (#4)
  • Direct Connect improvements
  • Fixed an Address Book related rate limiting error (#1770)
  • Fixed sending circumflex accents over AIM (#1601)
  • Added support for group chat invitation messages
  • Fixed sending group chat invitations to iChat (#798)
  • Fixed "(null)" in Get Info when viewing a metacontact (#1055)
  • Fixed blocking (#1136, #2051)
  • Fixed "malformed data message" error when sending circumflex accents (#1601)
  • Fixed viewing profiles (#2413)
  • Fixed ability to select which account messages a non-meta contact (#2573)
  • You can now block more than one user at a time (#536)
  • Fixed a bug where Adium didn't view the spaces, if any, in a screenname that's not on your buddy list when you're having a conversation with them (#2231)
  • Properly display the online time of contacts (#2488)
  • Similarly named AIM and .Mac accounts now no longer confuse accounts when adding contacts (#3157)


  • “” suffix is no longer required when creating accounts (#2132, others)
  • name@… is no longer displayed as a link in tooltips (#869)
  • Fixed a bug where Adium asked for a password even when it had the correct one (#2319)


  • Login as Invisible works now (#2296, others)
  • Bonjour no longer disconnects when a contact sends a message with a line-break (#48)
  • A reasonable default name is filled in for new Bonjour accounts (#1182)
  • Events are squelched for awhile after connect (18 seconds, to be exact) to avoid floods of notifications (#1996)


  • Improved handling of non-ASCII character sets (#505, #1426)
  • Improved handling of messages coming from iChat (#3166)
  • IP address no longer publicly displayed (#3740)

Jabber (includes Google Talk and LiveJournal Talk)

  • Fixed bug where authorized contacts couldn't see your status (#61)
  • Now saves the last server used in the join group chat dialog (#802)
  • Added buddy icon support for Jabber (#1632, #1330, #1632)
  • No longer need to restart Adium when changing resources (#1355)
  • Fixed messages from yourself in group chats not appearing in logs (#1881)
  • Fixed typing notification for GTalk (#1993)
  • Fixed a situation in which the tag <html> could appear in messages (#3058)
  • Fixed a bug where Adium did not disconnect from the server (#3441)
  • Now prompts to register the account if authentication failed (#3752)
  • Fixed a parsing error in sent messages where there was a <html> tag inside the <body> tag (#3814)
  • Added the ability to set priority (#3882)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented registering accounts on Wildfire-based Jabber servers (#4216)
  • New mail notifications checkbox now disabled on Jabber, respected on GTalk (#1301)


  • Contact list did not keep added users (#2060)


  • Deleted MSN contacts remain deleted (#1778)
  • Adium now fetches the MSN display name from the server (#196)
  • Removed preference for MSN "Conversation closed" notices (#37)
  • Adium can now receive custom MSN emoticons
  • Fixed "%0D" after a URL when a newline character comes after it (#1085)
  • MSN display name no longer preferred over real status messages from other accounts (#1022)
  • Display name, rather than account name, used in message view (#1628)


  • Fixed a crash when using gadu-gadu (#2455)
  • Status support (#3803)


  • Yahoo account names can now be entered with an suffix
  • Yahoo! users can now return from idle status (#2453)
  • Added support for ymsgr://im?to= links (#3107)
  • Added Stealth (semi-invisibility) support (#1349, #4006)
  • Now able to log in as invisible (#2296)
  • Incoming message colors are properly ignored (#4184)



  • Australian English localization added (#2585)
  • Finnish localization added
  • Updated and improved all existing localizations (Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Icelandic, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese)
  • Fixed localizability of the OTR error message when attempting to message in a chat in which the other side has already ended encryption (#2623)
  • Allow localization of shared dock icon images (#2843)
  • Allow non-ASCII characters in the "insert link" dialog (#2362)

Address Book

  • New contextual menu items in Address Book for sending IMs with Adium. Scripts to accomplish this are automatically installed to ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins (#2353)
  • Adium now looks in the Yahoo! field of Address Book contacts for Yahoo! Japan accounts (#2469)
  • Clarified and explained option to consolidate buddies from Address Book (#139)
  • New contextual menu item on contacts: "Add To Address Book" (#345)
  • Don't clobber picture in My Card with some account's buddy icon (#1683)
  • Improved performance of Address Book updating (#1751)
  • Middle names are now imported (#1118)
  • We now set contacts' icons back to their real icons (from AB images) when “Use Address book images as contacts' icons” is unchecked (#91)



  • OTR now works for .Mac accounts for which the isn't listed (#2132)
  • Fixed gender neutrality of the OTR error message when attempting to message in a chat in which the other side has already ended encryption (#2623)
  • Fixed a bug where the OTR status did not update after switching to a different contact of a meta contact (#2895)

Performance and Memory

  • Fixed a leak of an NSColor (#2258)
  • Emoticons are now preloaded in a background thread
  • Fixed a rare threadlock on startup (#1980)
  • Fixed a memory leak in AIKeychain (#692)
  • Fixed a potential threadlock at launch (#1980)
  • Fixed the crash when hitting Return in the away status window when accounts are not all in the same status (#2137, #2420, #2626, #2692)
  • Fixed some unnecessary memory use

Newer and Previous Version History

See AdiumVersionHistory for the version history from Adium 1.3 to now.
See PreviousVersionHistory2 for the version history from Adium X 0.89.1 back to Adium X 0.50 (initial release).

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