Chat Transcripts and Message History

By default, Adium records your chat transcripts (in a location which only you or someone with administrator-level access to your computer can view), making their full contents available for viewing and searching via the Chat Transcript Viewer and displaying recent messages when you open new chat windows.

How do I view my chat transcripts?

  • To see all logs, select "Chat Transcripts Viewer" from the Window menu.
  • To view logs of conversations with just one contact either
    • select that contact, then select "View Chat Transcripts" from the Contact menu or
    • click the Clock icon in the chat window's toolbar.

How do I disable recording of chat transcripts?

You can disable message logging from the 'General' pane of Adium's Preferences. If you disable message logging, no message history will be kept.

How do I control Message History?

From the 'General' pane of Adium's Preferences you can also control Adium's in-window message history by setting the number of recent messages displayed in new chat windows. Of course, this depends upon chat transcripts, so if you disable message logging, no message history will be kept.

Where does Adium store my transcripts?

Adium stores chat transcripts in

Your home folder
        Application Support
            Adium 2.0

How do I backup or move my chat transcripts?

Backing up your transcripts or transferring them to another computer is simple: you can copy the folder listed above from one computer to another, to a CD/DVD, or to another location for backup.
Backing Up Adium? has detailed instructions.

Help, my search is broken!

When Adium is no longer showing up all results when searching your chat transcripts, you can manually reindex them with "File → Import → Reindex Adium Logs".

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