Icon Update Proposal of 2010

Robbie proposed an update of Adium's set of icons. You can read the resulting mail thread at one of these following archives:

Icon set by Bogdan Mihaiciuc



  • I dislike using generic people icons instead of the Adiumy outline. The two are equally understandable; the Adiumy outline is Adium personality.
  • I like George's Advanced Prefs icon a lot better for larger display in the main preferences
  • I would prefer if pref-personal used an Adiumy outline for consistency
  • The drawing style on pref-defaultclient for Adiumy isn't consistent with his appearance elsewhere

Code changes suggested by Bogdan. Robbie and Paul

  • #13963: Allow for an own icon for Source/Destination function
  • #14071: Inconsistent use of Address Book card icons
  • #14072: Rename "Show Info" toolbar button to "Get Info"

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