Google Talk

1. Description

Type: Proprietary
Identity: Jabber ID (JID), e.g. usr@a.b.c/home with "home" being is a "resource", which distinguishes the same user when logged in from multiple locations (simultaneously)
Interoperability: XMPP, LiveJournal, Gizmo
Default server; port:; 5222

Apart from using and being compatible with XMPP, Google Talk also has proprietary elements.

Note that "a Gmail account is required to use Google Talk or other download clients" (says Google).

2. History

3. Censorship (?)

4. Known Issues

Notable missing features (in comparison to original or other clients)

  • Google Talk file transfer: #5196
  • Gtalk invisible status does not work: #7848

Also see XMPP.

Defects, broken features


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