Getting the Libpurple Source

(GettingAdiumSource has general information on Mercurial and getting the Adium source code)

libpurple is maintained primarily by the Pidgin team. You do not need the libpurple source in order to build Adium, as compiled versions of libpurple.framework and its dependencies exist in the Adium source tree in Frameworks.

Getting libpurple for Adium > 1.5.5

Since Adium 1.5.5, the dependencies for Adium have been built using Homebrew. We maintain our own fork here.

General instructions:

  • Clone the repository to Dependencies/Brew, within Adium's own repository:
    cd Dependencies
    git clone Brew
    cd Brew
  • Checkout either adium-1.5.5 for the libpurple version included in 1.5.6, or adium for Adium 1.6 and up:
    git checkout adium-1.5.5
  • Let it build and grab a cup of coffee:
    ./bin/brew frameworks --universal
  • Done, now you can build Adium!

Outdated info

If you wish to work on changes to libpurple, you'll want to compile it yourself. libpurple and its dependencies are built from their sources using scripts.

  • For 1.4 and earlier, they can be found in Utilities/dep-build-scripts. See the Utilities/dep-build-scripts/README file for details and instructions.
  • For 1.5 onwards, they are located in /Dependencies. Run ./ -h for details.

You'll need a Monotone checkout or a tarball of the Pidgin sources.

libpurple, like Adium, is distributed under the GPL.

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