Getting libOTR framework Source

Trunk (1.5hg)


Instructions for getting source code and building

Running the Dependencies/ --build-otr script from your checkout of Trunk (1.5hg) will download and build the source and all of its dependencies.

1.4 branch


  • Xcode 2.5 (Available with a free account from Apple)
    • If you're building in deployment, you'll also need the "Mac OS X 10.4 Universal SDK" to be installed. It's an option under Customize in the Xcode installer.
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or better
  • A working install of Mercurial

Instructions for getting source code

Paste into Terminal: hg clone

You can update the source (as frequently as desired), by moving into the libotr folder with cd libotr and running: hg pull -u. This code changes very infrequently.


After building Deployment via XCode, copy the built framework into your Adium checkout, delete your previously built to force XCode to copy in the new framework with the next build, and build Adium. A Makefile to automate this process would be welcomed :)

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