Adium is intermittently documented. We're working on changing that. Below are files that people have claimed, that they will go through and document.

Be sure to see the documentation section of CodingStyle. That section gives an executive summary of Doxygen syntax (described in greater detail in the Doxygen manual), and describes the way to document Adium code uniformly with existing Adium code documentation.

Already done (committed)

  • AIContentObject (Peter Hosey, in r20670)
  • AIContentMessage (Peter Hosey)
  • AIContextImageBridge (Peter Hosey)
  • AIFunctions (Peter Hosey)
  • AIGradient (Peter Hosey)
  • AIKeychain (Peter Hosey)
  • AIWiredData (Peter Hosey)
  • AIWiredString (Peter Hosey)

Everything in Plugins/WebKit Message View. (David Smith)

  • AIChatCommandsController (Erik Beerepoot)
  • AIListBookmark (Erik Beerepoot)
  • AIBookmarkController (Erik Beerepoot)
  • AIAddBookmarkPlugin (Erik Beerepoot)
  • AINewBookmarkWindowController (Erik Beerepoot)

Peter Hosey

  • AIContentStatus

David Smith

Colin Barrett

Adium.framework model classes. (AIListObject and such)

Erik Beerepoot

  • AIListCell
  • AListContactCell
  • AIListGroupCell
  • AIListWindowController
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