1. Coding

Adium is developed in the Objective-C language using Apple's Cocoa frameworks and licensed under the GNU GPL open source license. The libpurple protocol library which provides connectivity on many instant messaging services is written in C and maintained mostly by the developers of Pidgin.

Continued contributors are often invited to join the team and thereby have direct write access to the code repository—not to mention international acclaim and the eternal jealousy of their peers!

2. Other ways of contributing to the Adium Project

  • Code documentation: Our code is not as well-documented as we'd like.
  • Artwork and Design
  • Localization: Translate Adium into your native language.
  • Bug and request management
  • Documentation: Did you find that the documentation explained a topic badly or not at all?
    • Create a ticket with the text and either a link to the existing page or a request for a new page.
  • Donations: Adium is and always will be free to use on free instant messaging networks, with no obligation or expectation of monetary support.
    • Donations: encourage further development and will be used toward operating expenses and hardware for better development.
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