Enabling Debug Logging

To enable debug logging:

  1. Quit Adium
  2. Relaunch it while holding down the Option (⌥) key
  3. Check the "Start in debug mode" box
  4. Click Okay

Beta and nightly builds, when available, have debug logging enabled by default.

Getting a Debug Log

If the problem occurs without a crash, do the following:

  1. Launch Adium. If you are having a problem while connecting, hold Shift (⇧) as Adium launches to prevent your accounts from automatically connecting.
  2. Open the Adium Debug Window from the Adium menu. Once the window is open, it logs information which may be of use in tracking down a problem.
  3. Click "Clear" in the window.
  4. Perform the action which generates the problem. If it is a problem signing on with a specific account, only connect the account with which you have a problem.
  5. Copy the contents of the debug window and send them to us (see below).


If the problem causes a crash, your actions will be similar, but you should check the "Log to ~/Library/Logs/Adium Debug" checkbox in the window before starting. This will send output to a file named by the current date in <Home>/Library/Logs/Adium Debug. You can then browse to and attach this file to your ticket.

Private information

Please note that debug logs often contain the user names of your contacts, and if you send or receive messages this information may be included in the log.

If you are concerned about keeping this information private, just comment in the ticket that you have submitted your debug log via email. Then, email the log to feedback at adium dot im and include the ticket number and your Trac user name in your subject line.

How to get the debug log to us

Via Twitter or as a visitor to #adium (IRC)

If you have been asked via Twitter (@Adium} or in our IRC channel #adium to post a debug log, please paste the contents of the debug window to

Creating a ticket

If you're creating a ticket, please do not paste the debug log into the ticket! Please attach the file to the ticket instead.

Posting on the forum

We prefer you not post bug reports on the forums, but if you feel you really have to provide it there, wrap the debug log content in [code] and [/code] tags.

Emailing us

In an email, we prefer attachments, but it's OK to paste it into the email as long as you take exactly one of these steps:

  • Make sure that it's a plain-text email, not a rich-text email (no fonts in the email at all). In Mail, choose “Make Plain Text” from the Format menu. If it says "Make Rich Text", the email is already plain text, so you don't have to do anything.
  • If you insist on making it rich text, set the debug log in a monospaced font like Monaco or Courier.

Be sure to read ReportingBugs to learn about the information which can help track down problems.

Thanks for helping make Adium even better!

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