Creating Status Icons

An AdiumStatusIcons pack is an AdiumXtra which specifies the icons used to represent account and contact statuses in menus, in the contact list, and in tabs.

Available Icon.plist keys

The keys list below can be defined in AdiumStatusIcons packs. Keys listed in bold are required for all packs; the others will be used if specified but are optional. For example, if a contact has the away status Busy, the icon indicated by the Busy key will used if Busy is specified. If Busy is not specified, Generic Away's icon will be used.

  • Generic Available
  • Free for Chat
  • Available for Friends Only
  • Generic Away
  • Extended Away
  • Away for Friends Only
  • DND
  • Not Available
  • Occupied
  • BRB
  • Busy
  • Phone
  • Lunch
  • Not At Home
  • Not At Desk
  • Not In Office
  • Vacation
  • Stepped Out
  • Idle And Away
  • Idle
  • Invisible
  • Offline
  • Unknown

These status keys are listed in #define statements for STATUS_NAME_ in AIStatusControllerProtocol.h. This list is not exhaustive; if a new service were to support the available status foobar and a status icon pack specified a foobar icon, that icon would be used if present (and the Generic Available icon would be used if not).

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