Contact Us

If you're trying to solve a problem and can't find an answer by browsing or searching the documentation, you can email us. We ask some things of you before you take this step, however:

  • First, make sure that you have searched the documentation thoroughly. If your answer is in the documentation, you are likely to get nothing more than a link to the relevant page. Searching the documentation this way will take you much longer than using the search form, and takes us away from working on Adium.
  • If you're reporting a bug (and can reproduce it and/or provide a crash log) or requesting a feature, you should file a ticket instead, if no previous ticket exists. See ReportingBugs or RequestingFeatures.
  • English is the primary language for most of the team members, so please send all correspondence in English.

Our email address is feedback[AT]adium[DOT]im. Contact information on individual developers is available from the Adium team page.

Media contact

Members of the press may direct all inquiries to press[AT]adium[DOT]im.
(Note: This is not a support address. For help using Adium, email the feedback address shown above.)

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