Classic Tickets

I thought we should start building a page with classic tickets. I've seen this done with a few different Tracs, so here we go.

And the winners are:

  • #142 (Jim, I boned your sister.)
  • #462 (Trac is down)
  • #732 (meow'choochoo'crappo)
  • #1247 (Adium hates Kelly)
  • #1356 (Somebody is a bit p***ed)
  • #1496 (Please Catch For Us The Foxes)
  • #1600 (Hey the baby is playing in the toilet again, be right back)
  • #1788 (In A.D. 2101 war was beginning.)
  • #1824 (Adium is not Fire)
  • #1927 (I know it's a duplicate...)
  • #2001 ('I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't let you do that.', with an icon of a black monolith)
  • #2414 (Talking to girls)
  • #2522 (Emoticon preview should take SSRIs)
  • #2531 (Adiumy is exhausted or stoned)
  • #2536 (Adium goes to the moon)
  • #2561 (duck sleeping with open eyes freaks me out)
  • #2623 (Error message assumes sex of user) ('Note the dramatic tension between "she", "his" and "to him". Does AdiumX know something the rest of us don't?')
  • #3108 (User will buy two licenses)
  • #3260 (it uses annoying left somethings - YAYAYAYA)
  • #3278 (More Lohan)
  • #3685 (Holla back)
  • #5161 (I need to get laid, Adium is not helping!)
  • #7278 (Get Catfish_Man a Gerbil)
  • #11287 (Contact List Glow fails on laptop)
  • #11435 Talk to people like penpals
  • #13209 (Adium 1.0.6 refuses to allow access to yahoo messenger account) (Opened 20 Oct, 2009)
  • #14483 ("always make new versions EXTREMELY more IMPRESSIVE than the previous ones hire me to direct this team one more time and I change messenger")

Classic crash logs

Some of these crash logs have since been deleted for their age. These are shown in strike-through type.

  • (Adium infiltrates the Evil Empire) (crash log reporter has an email address)
  • (Fuckin shout down i fnome for norrEAson!!11!) (also on lisppaste)
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