Bug and request management

You're reading this via the Trac ticket management system which we use to keep track of bugs and requests. Adium's popularity comes at a price: many users want to see additions to the program, and a small but important percentage experience problems. If you want to contribute time but aren't a programmer, consider helping us triage bugs and requests, mark duplicates, and reliably reproduce problems.

  • View Tickets from the bar at the top of the page offers reports on open tickets,
  • Roadmap can also be a useful way to view tickets which have already been targeted for a future release. As a registered user, you can comment in tickets (for example, to specify how to reproduce a bug or to note that this ticket is a duplicate of that one).

Ticket resolutions

Resolution use
fixed when a fix has landed in one of Adium's Mercurial repositories.
invalid only for tickets that have been filed incorrectly (See ReportingBugs for information on proper ticket submission)
wontfix for feature enhancements which are probably not approved by the Adium Team / not compatible with Adium philosophies, for "bugs" that are not considered defects
cantreproduce when reported defect is not a bug within Adium (for example, when a different application causes an Adium crash) and not reproducible
duplicate when the issue has already been reported. Normally, the newer ticket is marked a duplicate, except when it is more useful

Canned responses

Option  resolution short for
error in plugin notadiumcode "This is caused by a third-party plugin. Please contact the plugin's author for them to correct this issue."
get a backtrace "Please follow the instructions to get a crash report and attach it to this ticket."
try latest version "Please try the latest beta or release version of Adium to see if this is still an issue."
get a sample "Please follow the instructions to get a sample and attach it to this ticket."
get a gdb backtrace "Please follow the instructions to get a GDB backtrace and attach it to this ticket."
get a debug log "Please follow the instructions to get a debug log and attach it to this ticket."
waiting on apple notadiumcode "This will require Apple to implement or fix this issue. Please file a radar at the Apple bug reporter."
waiting on libpurple notadiumcode "This will require support in LibPurple. Please file this report on the Pidgin Trac."


General rules of thumb:

Milestone tickets
next point (bugfix) release regressions and major issues ("showstoppers")
Good idea for later feature enhancements which are probably approved by the Adium Team / compatible with Adium philosophies.
Adium bugs confirmed Adium defects


While historically the version field has been left at the version the bug was first discovered in, for clarity and usefulness this has been changed such that the ticket should be updated to include the version that the bug was most recently known to exist in (as suggested by Evan on the mailing list). Version changes made are shown in the ticket so it is possible to track back when the bug first cropped up.

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