We recommend emailing the Adium Development Mailing list before beginning work on a bounty-related project to confirm the requirements for acceptance of a patch and verify that a patch for it is not currently under review or pending being committed.

User-offered bounties

User-offered bounties have to be discussed with the user(s) offering the bounty unless otherwise noted - the Adium team has *not* received the promised funds mentioned in the following tickets. The Adium team will act as arbiter for whether the feature or bug-fix has been appropriately submitted but can not actually be involved in the management or disbursement of funds. "Appropriately submitted" means that a patch has been submitted by an individual, been accepted by an Adium developer into the code repository, and been confirmed by the project lead or project manager on the Adium Development mailing to be complete. (The individual submitting the patch can not be the same person who confirms it as complete).

See the tickets below for the bounty-offerers' terms, details, and contact information.

Tickets in which users are currently offering bounties:

#559GPG encryption$1040 ($20 each from two users, $1000 from one user)

Offering a bounty

If you would like to offer a bounty, create a ticket for your feature or requested bug-fix and include the amount of the bounty. It will be added to this page. You can also add your bounty to an existing ticket; be sure to note that it is not yet on the Bounties page if yours is the first bounty.

(Payment handling is pending review.)

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