Adium supports the use of AppleScript to augment its functions. It comes with several scripts built-in, and supports the addition of external script packs from Adium Xtras. In addition, Adium is scriptable.

Script packs

Script packs are accessible from within Adium, using "tokens" that get replaced with the script's output. One example is %_safari, which is expanded to the URL for the current page in the current tab in the frontmost window in Safari.

more information here, including anatomy of script packs and details of their operation

Scripting Adium from the outside

Adium is a scriptable application, meaning that other applications (as well as dedicated scripts) can talk to Adium via AppleScript. Adium versions prior to 1.2 had inconsistent and buggy AppleScript support. In version 1.2 of Adium, AppleScript support has been greatly improved. For more information on Adium 1.2 AppleScript support please see AppleScript_Support_1.2. For an example of using AppleScript from outside of Adium please see the SelectiveSignOn example.

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