Adium Version History

You can find a list of older release's binaries and sources as well as SHA1/MD5 verification hashes on the previous releases page.

Version (04/27/2017)

  • Fixed an issue where the user interface got corrupted when opening the "Default Client" pane in Adium's advanced preferences.
  • Updated Sparkle update framework to 1.17.0 from 1.13.1.

Version (04/22/2017)

  • Updated libpurple to 2.12.0 from 2.10.12, fixing a security issue that could lead to remote code execution (CVE 2017-2640).
  • AIM: Updated AIM connectivity for continued AIM support. (#17097)
  • Facebook Chat: Removed Facebook Chat service. Facebook no longer supports Adium's way of connecting (XMPP).
  • MSN: Removed MSN service. Libpurple no longer supports it. See
  • Yahoo: Removed Yahoo! service. Libpurple no longer supports it and it hasn't been working since 5 August 2016 as Yahoo has completely reimplemented their protocol. See This also removes support for Yahoo! Japan. According to the service ended 26 March 2014.
  • Fixed UI glitches in Adium’s preferences on OS X 10.10. (#16803)
  • Twitter: Fixed a problem with signing in to Twitter and updating the timeline on OS X 10.10. (#16882)
  • Bonjour: Fixed a crash upon file transfer completion. (Quentin Les) (#16038, #16182)
  • Updated Adium's codesigning signature to a version trusted by Gatekeeper on OS X 10.9.5 and later. (#16983)
  • Fixed building Adium on macOS 10.11 and later. (#17093)
  • Dropped support for 32bit Macs.
  • Updated documentation.

Version (03/09/2016)

  • Patched libotr, fixing an issue that could lead to remote code execution.
  • Updated libpurple to 2.10.12.

Version (01/29/2016)

  • Updated Sparkle to 1.13.1, fixing a security issue that can lead to disclosure of local files or remote code execution.
  • Set Sparkle update back to HTTPS.

Version 1.5.10 (05/09/2014)

  • Updated libpurple to 2.10.9, fixing many security issues.
  • Updated the PSMTabBarControl framework, used in Adium for tabs:
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when dragging a conversation window into an existing tabbed conversation window and which caused Adium to become unresponsive. (#16281)
  • Fixed an issue causing tabs/windows to disappear when being dragged. (#15414, #15518, #15822, #16305)
  • Fixed an issue where tabs would disappear after several hours. (#16262)
  • Fixed visual glitches on bottom tabs seen on Retina Displays. (#16074)
  • Tabs now use all the space in the tab bar. (#7690)
  • Fixed tabs not being spoken by VoiceOver. (#16088)
  • Fixed a problem that could cause high CPU load when a connection is lost. (#16431)
  • Fixed a bug that can cause disconnects when using a Retina Mac with an external screen. (Johannes Loepelmann) (#16552)
  • Fixed an issue causing to Adium to connect accounts during PowerNap. (Mayur Pawashe) (#16249)
  • Fixed idle checks to no longer use the proximity sensor of modern Macs. (Christopher Loessl)
  • Fixed dates in the chat log viewer not showing up for very old logs (2006 and earlier). (#16554)
  • Security: Enabled a number of TLS ciphers using SHA256.
  • Fixed connecting to servers with outdated TLS support using the unofficial SIPE plugin. (Michael Lamb) (#16550) The fix only applies to OS X 10.9, one for OS X 10.8.5 should follow.
  • Fixed vertical placement of the unread count in tabs. (#16318)
  • Fixed a misbehaving link in the Setup Wizard. (#16587)

Version 1.5.9 (12/03/2013)

  • Fixed a crash which could occur when attempting to send files, especially on OS X 10.9. ("fain") (#16352, #16430)
  • Fixed a crash which could occur on OS X 10.9.
  • Fixed an issue causing Adium to hang when encoding a message.
  • Fixed greyed-out user icons in the message view when using the "Stockholm" message style. (#16502)
  • Fixed borderless contact lists not taking multi-screen menu bars into account. (#16514)
  • Fixed building Adium on OS X 10.9. (#16408)
  • Fixed some deprecated functions which were being logged to (#16362)

Version 1.5.8 (10/13/2013)

  • Changed the default tab switching shortcuts for new users to Control-Tab/Control-Shift-Tab, to match Safari. This was meant to be done for 1.5.4 but it did not work that time. (#16102)
  • Security: Enabled a large number of TLS cipher suites, including ECC suites and suites new in TLS 1.2.
  • Security: Don't try to download images included in HTML when pasting in the text field. (#15724)
  • XMPP: refer to XMPP as "XMPP (Jabber)". Unfortunately, it appears "XMPP" still has some potential for confusion. (#16435)
  • Twitter: Try to avoid Twitter's rate limiting causing Adium to go in a reconnection loop. (#16418)
  • Sametime: Fixed a problem causing login to fail. (Jonathan Rice) (#16345)
  • SIP: Fixed account names to be case-sensitive. (Pete Woods) (#16237)

Version 1.5.7 (7/2/2013)

  • Updated Twitter support. (#16118)
    • Retweets (RTs) now properly display the original author.
    • links are now expanded.
    • Fixed parsing to conform to the standard. (#13947)
  • Removed StatusNet support, see
  • Fixed a crash when redrawing the contact list. (#16119)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause SSL connections to be closed prematurely. (#15405, #15411, #15741, #16356)
  • Fixed the following weaknesses in the SSL code:
    • Removed all anonymous ciphers from the list Adium tries, these are insecure and would crash Adium.
    • Removed SSL_RSA_WITH_NULL_MD5 from the list of ciphers, as it doesn't use encryption.
    • Removed the caching of untrusted certificates, as the implementation would make it easy to replace it with a different certificate when reconnecting.

Version 1.5.6 (3/18/2013)

  • Fix a crash on startup on 10.6.8.
  • Fix a crash when accepting or canceling the certificate verification dialog. (#16280)
  • Fix a crash or hang when trying to use OTR on 32-bits Macs. (#16203)

Version 1.5.5 (2/24/2013) (Pulled the same day)

  • Updated libpurple to 2.10.7 fixing two security vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed "Add Link..." when the cursor is at the end of the line. (#16200)
  • Made sure the "Open Link" menu item in the chat window's context menu gets removed for other translations than English as well. Clicking the menu item wouldn't open the link in your default browser but in the chat window itself. (#16101)
  • Fixed reference to an image. (Detmud) (#16301)
  • Updated Spanish translation. (#16291)

Version 1.5.4 (11/7/2012)

  • Updated the included Growl SDK to 2.0, adding support for Notification Center on 10.8 if Growl is not installed. (#15867)
  • Updated libotr to 3.2.1, fixing a security vulnerability. (#16122)
  • Updated libpurple to 2.10.6.
  • Changed the default tab switching shortcuts for new users to Control-Tab/Control-Shift-Tab, to match Safari. (#16102)
  • Improved disk usage: limit the tracking of the "last seen" time to contacts who are on your contact list.
  • Fixed a problem where accepting a group chat invite on Sametime 8.5.1 would crash Adium. (Jonathan Rice and Jere Krischel) (#16114)
  • Fixed a problem where accepting a group chat invite on HipChat's XMPP server would crash Adium. (#16007)
  • Fixed a problem preventing Adium from executing Applescripts when Gatekeeper is enabled.
  • Added routines to make Secure Transport (on 10.8 and above) work around buggy TLS implementations in certain older XMPP servers. (#16081)
  • Updated translations: British English, Czech, Danish (#16196), Dutch (#16220), French (#16207), Italian (#16218), Norwegian (Bokmål) (#16219), Portuguese (Portugal) (#16211), Slovakian (#16194), Turkish.

Version 1.5.3 (8/12/2012)

  • Fixed another problem with the transcript viewer causing search to fail when closing and reopening the window. (#13586, #15699)
  • Fixed a problem with iTunes 10.6.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 causing the chat window's toolbar to break. (#16046)
  • Fixed crash at startup that was meant to be fixed in 1.5.2. (#15787)
  • Fixed a crash when receiving invalid XML on 10.8. (#16095)
  • Fixed an issue that caused logging in to Facebook to fail when login approvals are enabled. (#15705)
  • Icons set for group chat bookmarks will now show up on the tab bar in the chat window. (Andreas Marienborg) (#14484)
  • Fixed tables not being declared as such via VoiceOver. (Marco Zehe) (#16085)
  • Fixed a problem with emoticons scaling disproportionately in the yMous message style when using OS X 10.8.
  • Improved memory use slightly.

Version 1.5.2 (7/21/2012)

  • Fixed an issue where the log indexer would never finish.
  • Fixed a number of crashes that could occur after closing the Transcript Viewer. (#15984, #15823)
  • Fixed crash at startup. (#15787)
  • Fixed crash upon cancelling the "Confirm quit" window. (#15900)
  • Fixed crash when closing the Novell Groupwise account options. (#16041)
  • Fixed a problem on retina Macbook Pros causing Adium to send too large user icons to the server, causing disconnects. (#16063)
  • Updated the Ukrainian localisation. (#16062)

Version 1.5.1 (6/7/2012)

  • Adium is now securely signed with an Apple Developer ID for OS X 10.8 / GateKeeper compatibility.
  • Updated to libpurple 2.10.4
    • AIM/ICQ: Fixed communication with buddies containing periods and underscores.
    • MSN: Fixed messages to offline contacts.
    • MSN: Switched to MSN protocol version 18, therefore re-enabling Multiple Points of Presence support.
    • Fixed a number of security issues (see, small memory leaks, miscellaneous bugs.
  • Fixed MSN public display names not being set. (Chenguang Li) (#15915)
  • Adjusted the minimum size of the message window to be 200px. (#15794)
  • Fixed status indicators in chat windows with only one chat. (#9620)
  • Increased the size of the focus indicators so that they can be better seen when using overlay scrollbars.
  • Fixed the transcript viewer not saving the user list size.
  • Corrected some MSN emoticon shortcuts. (Paul Wilde) (#15926)
  • Renamed "Send Notification" to "Request Attention". (#15789)
  • Adjusted the layout of the profile selection window.
  • Fixed alphabetical contact list sorting involving diacritics such as "å" and "ä" (Rafael Glauber) (#12678)
  • Made "View Release Notes" localizable. (#15914)

Version 1.5 (3/15/2012)

Major changes

  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
  • Requires an Intel Mac.
  • Added 64-bit support.
  • Updated to libpurple 2.10.0.
    • Removed defunct QQ support.
    • Fix double mail notifications on MSN. (#11199)
    • Make disconnecting due to flooding on IRC less likely to occur. (#13920)
  • Many user interface improvements, including updated look & feel for Mac OS X 10.7+

Address Book integration

  • Made it easier to choose how names imported from the Address Book are displayed. (#7394)
  • Added support for Facebook in Address Book contact cards. (#13755)

Authorisation Requests

  • First entry in the list is now auto-selected.
  • Toolbar items now behave properly when no request is selected.

Chat Window

  • Rounded user icon in the chat window toolbar. (#3757)

Contact List

  • Fixed the contact list appearing in a wrong position at startup on Mac OS X Lion. (#15341, #15480)
  • Improved the logic for the display of tooltips. (Matthew Plough) (#12774)
  • Updated the menu for selecting your own picture to look natural on current versions of Mac OS X. (#11964)
  • Added support for drag & drop of an image to your own picture to change it.
  • Fixed positioning of selected icon in Recent Icons not being reapplied when icon is reselected. (#9908)
  • Fixed the contact list shrinking when closing the search. (#14433)
  • The contact list search now treats whitespace-separated words as keywords. (Paul Vet) (#14354)
  • Added support for blocking/unblocking all contacts in a group. (Conor Branagan) (#2177)
  • Added a "Deselect All" option to the "Edit" menu (based on a patch by Tyler Funnell). (#10208)

Dock icon

  • Moved the dock badge to the top right to be consistent with other Mac OS X applications such as Mail. (#13439)
  • Fixed dock badge text becoming too large. (#13088)
  • Removed flashing of the contact name. (#14452)

Encryption (Off-The-Record)

  • Made it easier to delete a fingerprint. (Aleksei Gorny) (#1654)
  • The "Generate" button is now labelled "Regenerate" when a fingerprint already exists. (Tyler Funnell) (#1128)
  • Disable Encryption → Initiate Encrypted OTR Chat menu item if encrypted chat is disabled from settings. (Tyler Funnell) (#7389)

Events and Notifications

  • Added the ability to add timestamps to Growl notifications. (Stuart Connolly) (#9920)
  • Added a "Do Nothing" event. (#3590)
  • Added a "Message sent (Group chat)" event. (Will Bowling) (#12316)
  • Added "Message received (Away)" and "Message received (Away Group Chat)" events. (Joshua Stein) (#13278)
  • Added Regex support for mentions. (#12832)

"Get Info" window

  • Various visual refinements. (Paul Wilde) (#14441)
  • Removed the service icon from the top of the "Get Info" window's first pane (and from the contact list tooltip). (#14654)
  • Fixed ghosting artifacts in Events tab. (#12237)

Group Chats

  • Added support for in-line images, including custom emoticons, on supported protocols. (Peter Fung) (#15183)

iTunes integration

  • Use same menu in menu bar, context menu and toolbar.
  • Fix bug when replacing tokens with empty strings.
  • Make tokens un-localizable.


  • Added a "Reopen Closed Tab" menu item to the File menu that will restore the most recently closed tab. (#12537)
  • Clicking on a link whilst holding the Cmd key opens the link in the background. (Aaron Dodson) (#12129)
  • Added Imgur as a supported image uploading service. (Shayne Sweeney) (#13186)
  • Removed as a supported url shortener service. (Shawn Khan) (#14412)
  • Fixed link insertion for NetNewsWire. (#11389)
  • Added support for Google Chrome when inserting a link to the active webpage.

Message View

  • New default message style: Smooth Operator.
  • Fixed message history only showing in the first tab/window on startup under certain circumstances. (#15377)
  • Fixed "Recent messages" still showing with logging. (#12577)
  • Added the "lastFocus" class for message styles to the latest message received while the chat didn't have focus, and "regainedFocus" for the first message received while the chat has regained focus after having previously lost it.
  • Made emoticons between packs more consistent. (#11450)
  • Fixed the ":^)" emoticon being mistakenly interpreted the same as ":-\". (#13924)
  • Disabled elastic scroll of the text input, in Lion.
  • Added the generic menu items to the group chat cog button for XMPP groupchats.


  • Added ability to change which track information the "iTunes" status displays. (#6373)

Transcript Viewer

  • Added "Next"/"Previous" buttons for highlighted search terms within a transcript (similar to Safari).
  • Greatly improved reliability and speed of log indexing and search.
  • Fixed a bug when writing inline images to chat logs. (Peter Fung) (#15186)

User Picture (Contact Icon)

  • Added ability to resize animated gifs that are too large. (#9885)
  • Image wells for changing user picture support drag & drop and will also open the Image Picker to edit the image if it's too large or not close to being square.


  • Fixed some bad user interface behaviour in the "Customise..." sheet for dock icon in the "Appearance" pane. (#15158)
  • Improved wording and alignment in the "Status" pane. (ctbeiser) (#15370)


  • Added a preference for AIM's "Allow Multiple Sign-In Locations" setting, which defaults to yes. (Josh Perry) (#5790)
  • Fixed crash when sending certain group chat requests. (#15674)


  • Restored connectivity by removing the hard-coded server name, as the server has an SRV record to allow dynamic configuration.


  • Messages longer than 140 characters are now allowed. (brion) (#13485)


  • For retweets, show the full original tweet instead of the truncated retweet. (#15226)


  • Added support for supported characters in Jabber IDs. (Marc Kalmes) (#13099)


  • Added version numbers for Xtras to Xtras Manager. (Ariel Chinn) (#11285)
  • Fixed case in the path for the iChat emoticons. (#14936)
  • Group chat userlists and the status icons selection menu in the appearances preferences now use the tab version of status icons. (#13838)
  • Fixed Xtras not displaying after Xtras Manager did load.


  • VoiceOver no longer says "empty" before each item in the contact list. (#12916 and #9004)
  • The contact window's toolbar items now have appropriate labels. (#13010)


  • New "About Adium" dialog. (Thanks to Mike Houben & Paul Wilde for graphics)
  • Added Aqualicious Graphite, new contact list theme to match OS X Graphite style.
  • Updated Growl.framework to 1.3.1.
  • Updated OAuthCustomer to latest (1/29/2012).
  • Updated Fribidi to version 2 (0.19.x)
  • Updated JSONKit to latest (1/29/2012).
  • Fixed numerous leaks.
  • The Downloads stack in the Dock will now bounce when Adium finishes receiving a file.
  • Quarantine received files after downloading, so the Finder will show a warning before opening received applications (similar to Safari).
  • Removed "Page Setup..." from the "File" menu. (#15367)
  • Added the "On Accounts" table to the nextKeyView in the 'Add Contact' window. (#14269)
  • Removed import from Fire. (#15366)
  • More of that 'new car' smell.
  • Updated Adium Help documentation to look native on OS X Lion. (Paul Wilde) (#15357)
  • Added a menu item to view release notes in the help menu. (#8569)
  • Fixed some issues with AppleScript. (Peter Schmitt) (#15234)
  • Converted most AppleScripts from .scpt to .applescript files. (dak180) (#13940)
  • Fixed AdiumAppleScriptRunner to enable building on Lion.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Copyright.txt file.
  • Rewrote the libpurple eventloop to use libdispatch. (#13932)
  • Debug logging: All GLib's errors and messages, and all exceptions are now logged to the Debug Window.


Version 1.4.5 (03/20/2012)


  • Fixed a crash on PPC Macs when logging in to ICQ. (#15881)
  • Fixed crash when starting certain group chat requests. (#15674)
  • Fixed not being able to delete Gadu-Gadu contacts disabling contact list synchronisation with the Gadu-Gadu servers (for now). (#9126)
  • Fixed a leak. (#15484)
  • Fixed some mistakes in the Russian localisation. (#15571, #15769)

Version 1.4.4 (12/5/2011)


  • Facebook: Fixed connectivity. (#15544, #15583)
  • Yahoo: Fixed avatars of contacts not updating correctly.
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed logging in on PPC Macs. (#15153)

Chat Window

  • Renamed the "Show Info" toolbar item to "Get Info" for consistency. (Ariel Chinn) (#14072)

Contact List

  • Turned off rubber band scrolling for the contact list, as this looks bad when using a borderless window. (#15455)


  • Fixed a crash when installing an Xtra from the website. (#15581)


  • Updated German localisation. (#15477, #15658)
  • Fixed two small mistakes in the Brazilian Portuguese localisation. (#15511).

Version 1.4.3 (09/04/2011)

  • Fixed a security vulnerability related to file transfers.
  • libpurple:
    • Fixed a crash when remote users have certain characters in their nicknames. (Discovered by Djego Ibanez) (#p14341)
    • MSN: Fixed direct file transfers, user icons, and receiving custom emoticons, while disabling multiple points of presence (MPOP). We determined that this was the better trade-off based on user feedback. (reverted to libpurple's MSNP15 support from MSNP16) (#15256)
  • MSN: Fixed an issue involving the "Friendly name changes too often" error. (#15364)
  • GoogleTalk: Worked around an issue where messages contained XML code. (#15419)
  • Facebook
    • Fixed connectivity.
    • Facebook will now connect via the officially-sanctioned mechanism. You no longer have to provide Adium with your username and password; you will be prompted to authenticate via a window when you first log in. Existing accounts are automatically upgraded.
  • AIM/ICQ: Fixed connecting while using a proxy server.
  • Twitter: Fixed loading the Following list. (#15239)
  • Fixed a fairly common crash related to user lists. (#14294)
  • Activated overlay scrollers on Mac OS X Lion. (#15394)
  • Fixed an issue where Adium was constantly writing with the computer screen off for a long time. (#15147)
  • Fixed the "Add Link" function, which was broken in 1.4.2. (#15259)
  • Fixed instances where contacts weren't being highlighted despite having been set to. (#14493).
  • Message View: Inserted emoticon will replace the selected text (if any).
  • Updated localisations: British English, Chinese (Traditional), Danish (#15431), Dutch (#15421), French (#15402), German (#15374), Greek (#15330), Italian (#15395), Norwegian (Bokmål) (#15365), Portuguese (Portugal) (#15371), Swedish (#15384).
  • Fixed a case of unfavourable wording in the German localisation. (#15393)

Version 1.4.2 (06/13/2011)

Updated to libpurple 2.7.11. Highlights of applicable changes:

  • MSN
    • Fixed bug that prevented adding contacts to your contact list in certain circumstances. (#14965)
    • Added support for MSNP16 including multiple points of presence (MPOP) which allows multiple simultaneous sign-ins and which should resolve connection problems involving the "Signed in from another location" error. (#13654)
    • Fixed crash related to Direct Connections. (#14650)
  • ICQ
    • Fixed a bug where some contacts from your contact list might not show up. Affected non-English users the most. (#14901)

Contact List

  • Fixed tooltips not being updated when scrollwheeling through the contact list. (#3480)
  • Improved readability of tooltips by making their contents opaque and only the background transparent. (#15050)


  • Added a "Log only certain accounts" setting to Adium's "General" preferences. (#8, #14522)
  • Added a "Log secure chats" setting to Adium's "General" preferences. (#94)
  • Renamed "Save opened chats when quitting" setting to "Reopen chats from last time on startup" for clarity. (#14651)

Message View

  • Only display focus indication for group chats. (#14420)
  • Enable %service% keyword in header.
  • Fixed issue where sections of conversations loaded from message history are repeated. (#13362)
  • Fixed iChat emoticons in Snow Leopard on case-sensitive file systems. (#14936)
  • minimal_mod
    • Disabled consecutivization of actions to prevent overlapping icons. Fixed erroneous application of a grey dotted top border to a consecutive, unfocused action that follows a non-action. Fixed text wrap alignment issues on actions.
  • Mockie
    • New mention and focus indicators, and improved scaling at large font sizes. (#14420)
  • Renkoo
    • No longer scrolls to bottom on new content regardless of scroll position. (#14331)
  • Smooth Operator
    • Compact: Mentions in actions are no longer italicized. Sendercolor Adiumy is not displayed in IRC too. Fixed progressively increasing saturation of the sendercolor Adiumy on each consecutive message.
    • Classic: Fixed slight misalignment between sender and message. Lightened the on-click shadow. The per-message marks in the classic variant now grow to the left rather than to the right where it can overlap message text.
    • Dark: New variant!
    • all variants: Improved the performance of all-by-sender-on-click javascript. Shifted the built-in buddy icons down a few pixels so they look more centered. Switched to more compact focus indication icons.
  • Stockholm
    • Reverted to pre-1.4 layout for per-message timestamps (#14361). Per-message timestamps now display on the left when the message text is RTL (#10403).
  • yMous
    • Removed the per-message triangle, slimmed the area between the sender and message, and fixed more elements to scale with font-size. Improved the performance of all-by-sender-on-click javascript.


  • Fixed ICQ disconnections going unnoticed. (#14229)
  • Fixed hang caused by reading badly formatted transcripts from ICQ. (#14627)
  • Switch to clientLogin authentication for ICQ and AIM, allowing SSL to be used if possible again. Change the options for encryption to "Require"/"Opportunistic"/"Disabled." (#15000)
  • Use the clientLogin key of the official ICQ Mac client instead of the AIM key we had which got banned. (#15244)


  • Fixed a crash related to invalid UTF8 in nicknames on IRC. (#13351)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening irc://-links to new servers on ports other than 6667. (#15093)


  • Added a preference to enable/disable MSN Direct Connections. (#14602)


  • Double confirmation is now required to delete and unregister an XMPP account. (#14357)
  • Fixed xmpp:-urls without a user part opening chats with (null)@... (#14908).


  • Growl notifications for Group Chats now show the channel on the same line as the nick, instead of before the message. (#14890)
  • Fixed a bug causing a switching of user profiles following Adium updates. (#14432)
  • Fixed 1.4.1 regression of arrows not showing up in the Events tables of the Preference pane and the Get Info pane for active events. (#14629)
  • Fixed a hang that occurred when required parts of loaded message styles were missing. (#7438)
  • Fixed bookmark icons not updating when changing icon sets. (#13221)
  • Fixed two memory leaks. (Adrian Godoroja) (#15047)
  • Fixed "Remove Link" showing up twice in the input box's context menu on 10.6. (Shawn Khan) (#14454)
  • Fixed 1.4 regression where selection of the active voice in the "Speak Event" and "Speak Text" contact alert actions failed. (#14574)
  • Fixed positioning of selected icon in Recent Icons not being reapplied when icon is reselected. (Adrian Godoroja) (#9908)
  • Fixed an issue with adding URLs via copy/paste resulting in an invalid link. (#15229)


Version 1.4.1 (11/15/2010)

Updated to libpurple 2.7.5. Highlights of applicable changes:

  • MSN
    • Support for MSN direct connections, enabling faster file transfers and faster retrieval of custom emoticons and buddy icons
  • AIM and ICQ
    • A bunch of fixes for ICQ encoding problems
    • Corrected hostnames (server settings) for ICQ connections; existing accounts will be upgraded automatically
    • Improved ICQ privacy lists (visible / invisible lists) support
    • Fixed handling of certain incoming HTML messages
    • Fixed sending messages to AIM chat rooms
  • Yahoo
    • Fixed sending SMS messages
    • Some file transfer improvements
  • XMPP
    • Improved connectivity to servers that do not offer Stream ID
    • Fixed detected file transfer proxies
    • Improved determination of a contact's destination resource
  • Fixed a crash when using UPnP networking


  • Added handling of irc:// URIs by creating guest accounts if required. (#12339)
  • Fixed respecting and setting port number for IRC links. (#13899)
  • Added support for /say command. (#13649)


  • Add the "@" sign for Twitter's tabcomplete. (#13987) (Moses Lei)
  • Deleting a Twitter group will now hide the contacts within Adium rather than unfollowing them (#12148)
  • Fixed overlapping buttons in "Reply to a Tweet" dialogue. (#14017)
  • Distinguish StatusNet accounts with same username on different servers. (#13604) (Brion Vibber)

Message Styles

  • Fixed message style "Mockie" being broken on some systems. (#14480)


  • Fixed a hang caused by large contact lists. (#14463)
  • Fixed contact status background colors updating in the contact list, including both static and flashing statuses. (#14534, #14493)
  • Fixed a long-standing bug preventing a minimum text size preferences smaller than 9pt to take effect. (#49) (Tim Horton)
  • PSD files and PDFs are now sent as files, not as 'images', where appliable.
  • Fixed alignment and clipping issues in the "About" box. (#13541)
  • Fixed minor issues in Adium Help documentation.

Version 1.4 (10/31/2010)

  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • Added Twitter
  • Added IRC
  • Greatly improved group chats and group chat bookmarks
  • Updated to libpurple 2.6.6 with added fixes
  • Mind-bogglingly large number of enhancements and bug fixes


  • Timeline messages appear in a group chat, direct messages as a one-on-one chat with a contact.
  • Adding and removing contact list buddies follows and unfollows them, respectively.
  • Can customize profile settings (name, location, etc.) from the account edit window.
  • Settings to customize: Update interval, Adium status updating, and contact display in the contact list.
  • Getting info on a Twitter contact displays all of their information and their latest 20 tweets.
  • "Reply to a Tweet" window allows for pasting URLs to easily respond to a tweet.
  • Also includes support for StatusNet servers, such as


  • Execute commands on connect.
  • Display of operator status in chats, as well as user's /away status.
  • Mass-modify attributes of user list members from the group chat's action widget below the user list.

Group Chats

  • When you are mentioned in a group chat, the color of the tab's message count changes to red.
  • Set a shortcut of ⌘⌥/ for the "Toggle User List" menu item.
  • Added a "Toggle User List Side" menu item, defaulting to the user list being on the right. (#8689)
  • Double-clicking a contact in the group chat user list opens a chat with them.
  • When double-clicking the resize widget in the user list, don't show a few pixels of it on the left of the chat.
  • Respect the "show recent messages" preference for group chats.
  • Prevent a duplicate separator item in group chat context menus. (#11674)
  • Added context menus for group chats, including "Add Bookmark", "Get Info on Bookmark", "Toggle User List", and "View Chat Transcripts".
  • Support opening chat transcripts for the group chats like a normal chat.
  • Added a menu item for group chat user lists to add as a contact.
  • The group chat user list is now sorted by, and displays, operator status in the channels.
  • The user list remembers its open or closed status per room.
  • Messages which mention you are no longer grouped with messages from the same user which do not.
  • Added support for chat topics. Note that message styles must support the feature for them to show up.
  • Group chats now display online or offline based on their account's status.
  • Growl notifications for group chats are now prefixed by the chat's name.
  • Added an Advanced Status preference to "Only count number of unread mentions for group chats" (for the Status Menu Item and Dock icon)
  • Added an option for group chats to hide their join and leave messages.
  • Joining large group chats is much faster.

Group Chat Bookmarks

  • Bookmarks no longer trigger events when their account comes online.
  • Message windows' tabs and titles now display the alias of the bookmark which represents the chat. (#11756)
  • Bookmarks are only shown in the list when their accounts are online.
  • Group chat events such as "You are mentioned", "Message received" and join/leave events will use the events set on their bookmark.
  • Set appropriate icons and coloring for bookmarks based on their associated chat information, such as the unviewed content background or flashing.
  • Fixed bookmarks appearing in groups when groups are disabled, or disappearing.
  • Bookmarks can now be removed.
  • Added an option to the Get Info window to auto-join a group chat bookmark when its account connects.
  • When opening the "Add Contact" window, don't fill in the username with the name of a bookmark if it selected.
  • Stops the "retrieving information" spinner from going off for bookmarks.
  • A group bookmark's status message now reflects how many unread mentions or messages are in the chat.
  • Correctly sorted the groups list in the "Add Bookmark" window.
  • Fixed bookmarking group chats whose names vary in case.


  • Added support for contacts in multiple groups (#500)
    • Hold option when dragging to add a contact to a secondary group.
    • Contact info inspector is now more focused on groups per contact than before.
  • Created a new Authorization Requests window
    • Authorization requests no longer create one alert panel per request.
    • The authorization requests window has add, ignore, and deny toolbar and context menu items.
  • Fixed deleting a group not removing its contents.
  • Corrected adding contacts to multiple accounts. The "Add Contact" window was only adding to the existing account.
  • Added account-specific menu items (such as "Initiate Multi-User Chat" or "Initiate Direct IM") to the main menu's Contact menu.
  • Corrected a bug where a combined contact would be "always visible" and toggling the preference would not unset it.
  • Reduced complexity when determining what account is preferred for messaging a given contact. (#10547)
  • The tune tooltip is now displayed for any contact in a meta contact which supports it. (#11122)


  • You can now replace Logs folder with an alias to another folder (on, say, an encrypted disk image). (#992)
  • Search terms in the Transcript Viewer now match any part of text unless a wildcard is used. (#6364)
  • Sped up writing log files in certain situations.
  • Corrected some situations where the log viewer lacked icons for group chats.
  • Events such as Direct IM status, joins and parts, and other information are now logged and displayed in the log viewer.
  • Increased the maximum amount of recent messages you can display for chats from 100 to 400.
  • Added an Import option to reindex the logs folder in case you manually add logs. (#9554)

Contact List

  • Contact list filtering is now present on all window styles: regular, borderless, etc. (#10489)
  • Corrected a few bugs where contacts were hidden as offline when online, or placed in the offline group incorrectly.
  • Combined contacts now show the information in the contact list for the first available user. (#11007)
  • Improved speed of searching in contact list for larger lists.
  • Fixed a small white line at the top of the contact list when "size to fit vertically" is set. (#11119)
  • Added "Sort Groups Alphabetically" option to the status sort.
  • Added "Hide Away Contacts" and "Hide Contacts for Account" to the view options.
  • Fixed a bug where the view menu would show incorrect settings.
  • Status message is no longer searched when searching the contact list.
  • Fixed a lot of drag and drop bugs, such as being able to drag a group into another group.
  • Tooltips now display for collapsed groups. (#11951)
  • The group count is no longer always displayed for collapsed contacts.
  • "Show Group Visible Count" has been returned to "Show Group Online Count", and counts only online, visible contacts. (#11362)
  • Status icons packs can now specify "Idle and Away" icons for contacts. (#872)
  • Pressing left-arrow when selecting an item will select its parent item if it's not expanded, like Finder.

Message Styles

  • You can now specify a different style for group chats, and customize all of the preferences independently of a regular chat. (#87)
  • Messages containing unordered lists are now displayed using bullets.
  • Improved the appearance and function of built-in message styles.
  • Corrected sorting of message styles in the preferences. (#9498)
  • Numerous improvements for style developers:
    • Styles now fall back to root level files for Status.html and Content.html. (#10868)
    • %message% is now replaced in a loop as we do other keywords. (#9672)
    • %service% is now replaced in all templates, not just messages. (#11872)
    • %senderPrefix% now contains a textual representation (., @, %, +, or an empty string) of the user's status in a group chat. (#11882)
    • %userIconPath% is now a valid replacement keyword in Status.html (#7508)
    • Added "action" to the %messageClasses% of /me messages. (#11894)


  • Messages from blocked contacts are now never displayed, even if the protocol allows them to send the message.
  • Added marking to the scroll bar like in Colloquy:
    • When your name (or what you decide to highlight) is mentioned in a chat, a grey line is added.
    • When the window or tab loses focus, a red line is added and you can "Jump to Focus Mark" to easily go to it.
    • You can access the "Jump to Previous Mark", "Jump to Next Mark" and "Jump to Focus Mark" by right-clicking the scroll bar, or from the new Display menu.
  • Added "Clear Display" to the new Display menu.
  • When cycling chats (using "Next Chat" and "Previous Chat") stay in the current window. (#6346)
  • You can now customize the text which causes the "You are mentioned" event to fire from the advanced preferences.
  • Fixed a bug where emoticons would be displayed improperly. (#6440)
  • Added a confirmation dialog when clicking the block/unblock icon in the toolbar. (#10960)
  • Added a URL shortener. Select the URL, then either choose “Replace with Shortened URL” from the Edit menu, right-click the URL and choose it from that menu, right-click a link and choose it from that menu, or press ⇧⌘K. Supports TinyURL,,, and Metamark (
  • Added an image uploader. Select the image, then either choose “Replace with Uploaded Image” from the Edit menu, right-click the image and choose it from that menu, right-click a link and choose it from that menu, or press ⌥⌘K.
  • Added an option to only count mentions for group chats when badging the dock or status menu item. (#11850)
  • Fixed clicking service links with message text when the link appears in the window it would open.
  • When a new file transfer arrives which requires confirmation, the chat's unviewed content count is increased.
  • A new message no longer unminimizes the chat window. (#52)
  • Added an "only count number of unread mentions" for group chat tabs in the Messages advanced preferences.
  • Added an optional confirmation when closing a window which has multiple tabs, either always or when at least one has unviewed messages. (#12006)
  • Message styles can now be updated without relaunching Adium.
  • Nudge and buzz messages now appear as events in the window instead of messages from the contact.
  • Fixed logging in St. John's Newfoundland's time zone. (#9557)
  • Fixed detecting Right-to-Left status for a number of languages, including Arabic. (#13612)
  • Prevent en-dash and em-dash from breaking URL parsing. (#11490)
  • Fixed clicking on links whose messages contain '[' and a percent-escape such as %20.
  • Fixed a bug when reading logs. (#8141)
  • Fixed behavior regarding the substitutions preferences for Snow Leopard (such as "smart quotes", "smart dashes", spelling auto-correction, etc.)
  • Fixed iChat emoticons not working on Snow Leopard (#12369).


  • Fixed setting a global user icon. Previously, if you didn't have an account icon set but did set a global one, you would have no icon.
  • Changed behavior for account options: a lot were only changing when reconnecting, now all that are able to (i.e., non-connect options) take affect immediately.
  • Fixed using a PAC-specified proxy for the hostname of the account. (#224)


  • Bonjour accounts now disconnect if we receive an error message.

XMPP (Jabber, Google Talk, etc.)

  • Updated XMPP server list when registering.
  • History from persistent group chats is now displayed as such and does not trigger events. (#6787)
  • Group chats which are not anonymous now display the actual contact in the user list. (#11841)
  • Fixed receiving colors and fonts from iChat. (#1323)
  • Enabled support for custom emoticons as an account option defaulting to on.
  • Fixed joining a group chat from an xmpp URL. (#11785)
  • "Not Authorized" is now displayed as a status message for contacts for whom you need to request authoriation.
  • Contacts are no longer told when you close their chat ("…has left the conversation"). (#8082)
  • Added a preference for file transfer proxies, defaulting to ""
  • Added a "BOSH Server" option for XMPP accounts. (#12844)
  • Fixed a security issue where "Require SSL/TLS" for XMPP was being ignored.


  • Possibly fixed a crash on connect. (#11508)
  • Fixes setting account-specific display names (only the global display name would be set).
  • Enabled server-side storing of contact aliases. (#11802)
  • Fixed displaying what message was unable to be sent when an error occurs. (#11796)
  • Moved the "display custom emoticons" to an account preference from the advanced preferences window.
  • Updated libpurple to fix a vulnerability in MSN. (

AIM, ICQ, and MobileMe

  • Added "Connect using SSL" as a default option for AIM and ICQ. (#9553) You can get information on the certificate by right-clicking the account in the Accounts preferences.
  • Added a preference to always use the AOL proxy server for file transfers and direct IM. (#11413)

MySpace IM

  • Added support for msim links. (#8036)


  • Fixed a wide variety of service errors.


  • Restored connectivity.


  • Disabled Zephyr. As an unsupported protocol, we require patches to maintain it in working order. At this point in time, it just crashes. If you would like to contribute and maintain working Zephyr support, please contact us.

Chat Transcripts

  • Added a confirmation before removing logs with the delete key. (#13097)
  • Fixed incorrectly logging links containing ampersands (&) which caused logs to appear blank in the log viewer.


  • Improved launch time
  • You can now define which applications should be the default for different services in the Advanced preferences. (#158)
  • Updated the look of the file transfer window. Added a keyboard shortcut of CMD+. to stop the selected transfer.
  • Improved multiple icons throughout Adium
  • The about box credits are now scrollable. (#9967)
  • The unread count is now cleared when clearing the display. (#10605)
  • Error and information display windows no longer exceed their maximum height, and take focus when opening. (#11793).
  • Fixed support for a proxy auto-config (PAC) file. (#224, #11364)
  • Disabled the "Show # recent messages in new chats" option when "Log messages" is off. (#11359)
  • Menu items such as “Show Offline Contacts” now always use the “Show” verb, with a checkbox indicating that they're currently shown. Previous versions indicated that by changing the verb to “Hide”. #4740.
  • Added "Contact went mobile" and "Contact returns from mobile" events. (#3248)
  • Fixed AppleScript erroring when creating a new status object. (#8863)
  • Greatly reduced memory usage when receiving lots of messages while Adium is inactive
  • Idle contacts now resort immediately.
  • Fixed the uptime script for single-user logins. (#10747)
  • The Downloads stack now bounces when a file transfer completes.
  • Moved dock icon and status menu item controls to a new "Message Alerts" advanced preferences.
  • Added throttling to Growl messages. Instead of, for example, posting 296 messages, Adium will Growl "296 messages".
  • Cleaned up the look of the advanced preferences list.
  • Updated to Sparkle 1.5 for improved notification and installation of future updates


  • Added Ukrainian and Slovakian translations
  • Updated and improved other translations

Previous Version History

See PreviousVersionHistory for the version history from Adium 1.3.10 back to Adium 1.0.
See PreviousVersionHistory2 for the version history from Adium X 0.89.1 back to Adium X 0.50 (initial release).

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