Adium Corporate Sponsors

The Adium team is grateful for donated resources from:

  • NetworkRedux: NetworkRedux donated and hosts a dedicated, high-speed server which runs,, and associated mailboxes and mailing lists, handling nearly 3 million page views per month. Additionally, it hosts the AdiumTrac bug reporting and documentation site and the Adium mercurial repository. NetworkRedux has also given personal support to Adium developers.
  • CacheFly: CacheFly hosts the Adium binary download, serving several terabytes of data monthly.
  • Bit Stadium GmbH: Bit Stadium GmbH donated a free HockeyApp account to the Adium Project. We use it to collect crash reports, allowing us to identify (and hopefully fix) common crashes.
  • TheCodingMonkeys: TheCodingMonkeys donated several licenses of the wonderful SubEthaEdit collaborative text editor for use by Adium developers. We use it all the time, including generating changelogs for each release.
  • YourKit, who donated a number of licenses of their excellent Java memory and CPU profiling tool, YourKit Java Profiler, which helped us optimize joscar and Smack in Adium (sadly they never made it in to an Adium release).
  • Skorpiostech, Inc.: Ian Baird over at Skorpiostech was kind enough to donate several copies of It's an excellent code comparison app and has proved itself immensely useful.

And recognize the contributions of other companies:

  • Google: Google invited Adium to participate as a mentor organization in the Google Summer of Code in 2006, 2007 and 2008; each year several students joined our team for the summer and made significant contributions to development.
  • Penguin Militia Networks: For over two years, Penguin Militia donated Trac and Subversion hosting to the Adium project.

Are you or your company interested in donating development time or monetary support? Contact us directly or visit the Development page. Thanks!

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