• This changelog is for the defunct versions of Adium that were produced in 2001 and 2002 and is kept for historical reference.
  • These old releases only worked with AIM, are now known to no longer connect to AIM and should no longer be used.

Adium 1.x Version History

Version (Unofficial)

  • Added Metric Time (%m) to away messages
  • -Click * -Click * -Click * Click on your graphic smilies.
  • Fixed buddy-list autoresize crash

Version (Unofficial)

  • Let's just pretend the whole thing didn't happen.
  • Fixed the bugs introduced in

Version (Unofficial)

  • Saved away messaging editing bugfix (from

Version (Unofficial)

  • Fixed problem with profile character escaping option not saving
  • Added two advanced away message options: Send away even if you start a conversation and Repeat away message response at most every X seconds.
  • Added Fake Away (AIM serverside away control) saving to saved away messages

Version (Unofficial)

  • Fixed contextual menu bugs once and for all (fwee!)
  • Fixed a chatroom opacity bug
  • Added buddy list always-on-top preferences
  • Added Prevent Character Escaping (HTML) option for profile
  • Added < br > to the allowed HTML tags in the parser (fixes some line break problems, hopefully)
  • Added menuitem for Official Adium Chatroom

Version (Unofficial)

  • Fixed opacity defaults in defaults.plist
  • Fixed multi-window chat invite bug
  • Added preference for rotating through buddy list

Version (1.6.5)

  • Fixed chat window bug (in multi-window mode) introduced in 1.6.4

Version (Unofficial)

  • Fixed some transparency bugs
  • Fixed more transparency bugs
  • Decided transparency is the diet coke of evil
  • Close Message is back in the proper place
  • Minor textual changes

Version (Unofficial)

  • Improved split-window mode functionality.
  • Clarified a few dialogue boxes
  • Added the background-only transparency style to the buddy list
  • Prevented cycling to the buddy list in Dual-Window Mode
  • Fixed part of a tab contextual menu bug
  • Included ikrieg's Aquatech soundset
  • Added checkbox to control message transparency

Version (Unofficial)

  • Better transparency (background only) in messages
  • Offline-buddy message queuing
  • Away message resending (fixed at 1 hour at the moment; preferences to come)
  • Fixed multiple-line IM log searching
  • Various cosmetic fixes

Version (Unofficial)

  • Merged with 1.6.2c Code Changes
  • Split-window mode (incomplete) now enabled
  • Made apple+; open the prefs
  • Reconnected (again) the idle button on dual and multi window modes
  • Made the away opacity slider default to 1.0
  • Made the unidle checkbox default checked
  • Fixed chat logging problem
  • Miscellaneous code changes for optimization & future expansion
  • Added descriptive '911 Error' message
  • Added a checkbox to leave the window open after you set idle or go unidle
  • Made the setidle button active when you press return
  • Added some info about the max idle time for AOL servers

Version (Unofficial)

  • don't exist for some reason. Odd.

Version 1.6.4 (Unofficial)

  • Customizably translucent buddy list and message windows
  • Name/time/date/file parsing in away messages
  • Different autoresponse and AIM-server away messages
  • Idling control
  • HTML and other extended character support
  • Subprofile links
  • Sort idle&away to bottom while maintaining manual ordering
  • Fast tab/window switching via command+number
  • iChat & AIM sounds as well as the default Adium sounds

Version 1.6.2c (10/19/02)

  • Fixed 'Unknown AIM command' errors
  • Fixed chat name logging bug
  • Fixed Chat windows not opening in Multi-window mode
  • Fixed faulty shadow drawing in Multi-window mode
  • Reset host to ''

Version 1.6.2 (9/08/02)

  • No longer fails to launch on 10.1.x systems

Version 1.6.1 (9/07/02)

  • Removed trademarked words and phrases
  • Removed non-Adium sounds
  • Corrected away icon under 10.2
  • Corrected Cmd-Cursor tab shuffling issues in 10.2
  • Fixed a crash when deleting handles from the contact list

Version 1.6 (5/06/02)

  • Import / Export / Download of contact lists
  • Log searching
  • Warning support (we can now warn other users)
  • Beefier contextual menus
  • Seperate prefix colors for light & dark backgrounds
  • Passive background can now adjust your text between a light and dark
  • Revamped Force-Text Options
    • Restrict buddys text to range
    • Color Correction (Adjusts poorly colored text)
  • Windows should now remember their position + size + divider position
  • Typing in the message log area will now automatically refocus you to the enter area
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a return or enter wouldn't send the message
  • Shift-Apple-H now hides others
  • closing last IM no longer shows the contact list
  • Blank away messages now work
  • Behavior for open preferences on disconnect has changed (to avoid data loss)
  • Error messages now "stack" and are no longer modal
  • Chat invites are no longer modal & stack as well
  • Several error messages have been added for a few of the "unknown" errors
  • Fixed a crash with long away messages
  • Fixed problems with Adium hidden and new messages windows not showing up
  • Fixed the Community Chat menu
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Fxed a few instances where a message background wouldn't be set
  • And much more...

Version 1.5.1 (2/19/02)

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Adium to quack endlessly when 'curl' wasn't present

Version 1.5 (2/19/02)


  • Multitasking
  • Wrote some new, up-to-date documentation
  • Adium will now go idle
  • Preferences moved to ~/Library/Application Support/Adium
  • "Smart" auto-Reconnect
  • Support for 24 hour time
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Preset aways are now available from the menu bar
  • Sharing of preset away messages

contact list

  • contact list Sorting
  • New interface icons
  • contact list Mouse-Overs
  • Auto-Resizing contact list
  • More contact list customization options


  • Custom sounds support
  • Sounds are now muted from collapsed buddy groups
  • More control over sound volume


  • We can now see when users signed online
  • Profiles now refresh automatically

Dock Icon

  • Added a new "slick" icon (created by Sam Krueger of
  • Dock Icon now shows away status
  • Dock Icon now shows buddy info (signed on/off & unviewed messages)
  • Custom dock icon support
  • More duck icons


  • Ability to save logs after every message
  • Simple built in log viewer

Messages & Chat

  • Adium can now join community chats
  • Command Arrow-Up/Down now scrolls IM messages
  • URL's are now auto-converted to links
  • Hovering over links now shows the hand cursor
  • Outgoing HTML tags are now closed

Version 1.4.2 (11/27/01)

  • Multiple Away Messages
  • Fixed passwords not saving * or saving corrupted
  • Fixed blocking (it kept reverting)
  • Other small fixes

Version 1.4.1 (11/26/01)

  • Fixed error in dual window mode when closing tabs

Version 1.4 (11/26/01)

  • Logging
  • Accent support
  • Secure password storage on the keychain
  • Preferences moved to /library & organized
  • Added Cancel/Apply/Ok on the preferences window
  • screenName settings moved to their own window
  • New Aqua dock duck
  • Ability to hide contact list buttons
  • Tabbing between windows now works (in multi mode)
  • Apple-Return sends messages (for real this time)
  • Option-Return inserts a return (without sending)
  • Other Major code cleanup & reconstruction
  • Fixed spurradic dock bouncing
  • Fixed bug with message tab font sizes
  • Fixed the left block list "remove" button
  • Fixed issues with long formatting bars
  • Fixed problems with HTML from netscape's client
  • Fixed "contact list to front" on dock click annoyance
  • Fixed "message tab to front" when you're typing annoyance
  • Fixed a contact list editing crash
  • Fixed more tab sizing & redraw issues
  • Fixed "noise flood" on sign on (after quick off/on)
  • No longer reconnects if "someone signed on with same name"
  • Numerous other changes and bug fixes

Version 1.3 (10/31/01)

  • Blocking
  • Dock menu
  • Dock bouncing (customizable)
  • Options for forcing the display of your messages
  • Contextual menu's on contact list
  • Graphical Smileys
  • New icon (choice of graphite Version as well)
  • fixed issues with auto-reconnect.
  • message tabs now resize properly
  • contact list sharing no longer requires a disconnect
  • fixed problems with deleting buddy groups
  • fixed issues with "ghosted" users
  • Multi-window mode now remembers window position
  • other interface tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes

Version 1.2 (10/15/01)

  • Fixed a remaining bug with large contact lists
  • Fixed an issue with Portables and the enter key sending messages
  • Fixed a bug where the first message from a stranger could not show up
  • Fixed other issues with redrawing, the share-with menu's, and message formatting
  • Away messages now send out when a buddy messages you
  • Re-designed Preferences dialog
  • Host & Port can now be specified
  • Added the ability to force font, size, & colors in messages and chats
  • Added font & size options for messages
  • Adium now honors screenName spacing and capitalization (as entered on the connect sheet)
  • Option to Auto-Reconnect and to disable Adium's connection detection
  • Option to message & get info on people not on your contact list
  • Added the ability to create & join chats
  • Various other changes :)

Version 1.1 (10/02/01)

  • Fixed a bug with large contact lists causing unexpected quits and 'sending too fast' errors! :))
  • The user can now choose between a single windowed, multi windowed, or dual windowed interface
  • Added the option to use the traditional sounds
  • fixed apple-left & right off of buddy tab in 10.1 bug
  • When signing on, buddy's appear quicker, are no longer marked as 'signed on', and no longer play their 'signed on' sound.
  • added the option to automatically connect on launch
  • 'Settings' renamed to 'preferences'
  • added a 'window' menu
  • Fixed a (rare) bug where certain types of corrupt contact lists could crash Adium

Version 1.0 (09/28/01)

  • Initial Release
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