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Double-clicking tab to select contact list entry

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There is a quite simple way to move focus from an entry in the contact list to a chat in progress: simply double-click on the entry. However, the reverse operation is quite difficult. Double-clicking on the tab should therefore highlight the entry in the contact list.

Rationale: This functionality could be used to highlight a contact list entry for moving, deletion, or viewing status. If the contact is not on the contact list, the Add Contact… dialog should appear with their screen-name and contact type filled in.

Sometimes, like when a chat is initiated by clicking a link, there is no opportunity to check a contact's status message. Although their status is known by the tab icon, their away message is a mystery until you find them in the contact list. Although you can check status with the Get Info window, this is less than optimum, as it could be on a different tab than Info. Also, using the contact list for status information is habituated with many users (ok, me). The Info panel also doesn't display as much information as the contact list tooltip does.

Potential downsides: If the user accidentally double-clicks when changing tabs, this could be confusing. Pressing enter would change focus back, but this is less than intuitive. The double-click should therefore only be registered when the tab is focused (ie the first click is not the focusing click).


  • Display status information in the tooltip.
  • Display the status message in the text area as soon as the chat is initiated (don't wait until the first message is sent). This would inform the user of the contact's status even if the chat was created by clicking a link. This will only be possible for users on the contact's buddy list.

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We don't need tickets like this hanging around as open tickets in our database. The fact that I'm closing this ticket, however, shouldn't stop anyone from making such a plugin. :)

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