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Status messages borked in buddy lists

Reported by: Diatribe Owned by: anybody
Milestone: Adium X 1.0 Component: Adium Core
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The status message in the list doesn't refresh sometimes. It seems to be set all right but it doesn't show in the list. It shows the old away message in the buddy list and the new one in the info. This also happens not only in my buddy list but also in a friend's iChat buddy list. He sees my old status but gets the auto reply with the set status. This only seems to happen with the statuses set by Adium as others work fine.

For meta contacts it also shows the other status in the buddy list, while the status in the info is fine, meaning when I have the order set to AIM contact first and MSN second, it will show the MSN away message sometimes in the buddy list but the AIM in the info.

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the aim/msn status problem

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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by Zine

I get the exact same thing and it is irritating since people see one away but get replied to with an entirely different. I have myself in my buddy list too and my status isn't the set one either. It often shows the MSN status when I have set it to show the AIM one first.

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by Zachary West

Are you still experiencing this in .84?

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

Yes, unfortunately it does. It has a delay from when I change the away till it is actually displayed.

It is also confused when I have set up a meta contact over which message to display. It will sometimes display a MSN's busy even though it is set to display AIM statuses (and the AIM status is set of course).

comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

The wrong auto-reply seems to be gone in 0.85b3 but the wrong display of a metacontact's away message is still there:

If the order of the meta contact is AIM then MSN it will still sometimes still show the MSN message even though there is an AIM away message also. I can see this behaviour most often with myself on the buddy list.

Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

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comment:5 Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

As seen in the screenshot, the set away message is the one displayed in the tooltip, the one in the buddy list is the wrong one. Hasn't happened for quite some time but is now happening again in addition to the wrong status regarding msn/aim preference that I have written about above.

comment:6 Changed 15 years ago by Zachary West

It's not that it's not updated, it's using the wrong status in one place; you have a meta with both away. One of the aways is being used for the CL while another is being used for the tooltip. I've experienced this too.

comment:7 Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

But only one is set, so it is confusing the aways, correct?

comment:8 Changed 15 years ago by Zachary West

Looks to me that there's a meta with:

  • Both away
  • Both different away

And Adium is using different aways in different situations.

comment:9 Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

The thing is both used the same away in that screenshot I should have made a screen shot of the EMD status menu too but both accounts were clearly set to the same away so it can't be that.

Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

Attachment: Imagen 2.png added

the aim/msn status problem

comment:10 Changed 15 years ago by Diatribe

This is a screenshot of the other problem. The meta contact is clearly set up with aim first, as can be seen in the tool tip, but yet in the buddy list it shows the msn status. Considering the other problem above it seems that the tooltip is always correct and the buddy list is having some issues.

comment:11 Changed 15 years ago by Melanie

I have the same problem and I always have to look at the tooltip to see that metacontact's away message from aim as the buddy list displays the msn status. Oh, and I have them set in the metacontact in the same order as diatribe, aim first then msn.

comment:12 Changed 15 years ago by Chris Forsythe

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Milestone: Adium X 1.0

comment:13 Changed 15 years ago by Evan Schoenberg

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

This is now fixed for 1.0.

comment:14 Changed 11 years ago by Zachary West

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