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OTR doesn't support XMPP

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OTR assumes that only one version of a message is sent. However, XMPP can send multiple versions -- either multiple bodies containing the same message in different languages (which isn't really relevant for Adium), (i)or both a plain text and an XHTML-based version. Right now, only the XHTML-version would be encrypted, in a non-compliant way (just a random blurp in an <html>-tag), which is even rather pointless when the plain text message is in the packet, too.

(note that I'm talking about the way the Smack-based plugin is implemented, I don't know about the libgaim one)

I marked the ticket critical, since people might think they're not revealing the text message when they actually do (without any warning). The least thing to do is to disable OTR for XMPP. Maybe we should implement JEP-0116 instead, so we can talk to non-Adium clients using encryption?

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Is this a problem with trunk?

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libgaim has to be able to set a different string for the formatted and the unformatted message part. According to Sean, it is possible, but we aren't using this yet.

However, there is no definition how multi-part messages should be handled by OTR, so this has to be looked into by somebody (talking to the gaim folks, too, since they have to do it the same way).

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by thbohn

This ticket seems to be fixed in the current SVN trunk. At least I can see two encrypted messages in the XML console.

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