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Adium sending white background color but no foreground.

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I recently IM'd a friend of mine who uses pidgin with a black background and white text. He complained that he was receiving "White on white" IMs from me.

Explicitly setting a background colour solved the problem, but I didn't want to do that in deference to all my other friends. I spent a lot of time playing with settings but after that and various restarts, I could not make the problem go away.

Eventually, I tcpdump'd a session and discovered that Adium was sending this:

<HTML><BODY><HTML><BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff"><FONT>OK, let's see what I get from this</FONT></BODY></HTML></BODY></HTML>

After a bit of trac grovelling, this looks like it might be a regression of Ticket #12906.

Adium should not be sending a background colour when I have not explicitly set one!

I am using Adium 1.5.3 on OS X 10.8.2. My buddy and I were chatting via AIM, in case that matters.

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